Announcement of the novel coronavirus pneumonia emergency response exercise in Maonan District

Announcement of novel coronavirus novel coronavirus Pneumonia Control Office in Maoming Maonan district on novel coronavirus pneumonia emergency response exercise   Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia headquarters in the forenoon of August 12, 2021, Thursday morning, will further improve the emergency response capacity of the new public health emergency in our district, earnestly prepare for the rainy day and fully protect the health and safety of the friends of the community.

A novel coronavirus pneumonia emergency treatment exercise was carried out in the South Community station of Hongnan District, Maonan District, Maoming, 163.

Due to the needs of the drill, there will be participating vehicles (such as ambulances and police vehicles) gathering in the drill area, medical personnel wearing protective equipment, community cadres, public security policemen and other staff coming to the house, and personnel control will be implemented in the drill.

The general public and netizens should not panic and maintain normal life order.

Citizens who do not participate in the drill should not watch to avoid congestion and accidents; Do not release the shooting on the drill site to the Internet, and do not spread rumors.

Please tell each other and hope to know.

Thank you for your understanding, support and cooperation!   The office of New Coronavirus disease prevention and control command of Maonan District, Maoming, was released in August 11, 2021, and the top 5 agricultural products in D province were released.

Maoming’s top list is on the list.

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