City affairs network reported that a novel coronavirus positive patient was detected in Jiaozuo village? Official emergency response!

Qinyang Public Security Bureau Network Police Brigade found in the work, some netizens released information in WeChat group, said: Wang Zhao Township before Xing Fu village has just detected a case of COVID-19 positive patients.

Verified by Qinyang epidemic prevention and control department, the above remarks are untrue and belong to rumors! The municipal CDC issued a notice that there are no positive cases in our city at present.

The notice is as follows:   He said, “a case of COVID-19 pneumonia was found in Xing Fu Village, Wang Zhao Township, Qinyang”, and WeChat was rumor.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is not found in our city.

The masses are not rumor, no rumour or rumor, and do personal protection according to the requirements.

Qinyang Center for Disease Control and prevention August 9, 2021   Qinyang network police remind the general public:     Please do not panic, spread rumors, believe rumors or spread rumors.

The Internet is not a place outside the law.

If you spread rumors, you will be investigated for legal responsibility.

I hope citizens and friends will not defy the law.

Source: Qinyang network police patrol and law enforcement.

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