Focus! Provincial disease control experts answer COVID-19 vaccination 30 questions

According to the unified arrangement of the country, Zhejiang province has gradually carried out the vaccination work of COVID-19, a 12-17 year old teenager.

Experts from Zhejiang CDC gave authoritative answers to questions about youth vaccination.

Q1 what is the schedule of COVID-19 vaccination in Zhejiang province? A: according to the unified arrangement of the state, Zhejiang province will gradually carry out the free vaccination of COVID-19 vaccine for teenagers.

Since August 1, 2021, the 15-17 year old population will be vaccinated first, and the students in this age group will be vaccinated in August 20th.

Since September 1, the vaccination of people aged 12-14 has been started, and the centralized vaccination of students of this age group began on September 20.

The specific arrangements are as follows: (1) people aged 15-17 (mainly students from ordinary high schools, secondary vocational and technical schools): complete the first dose of vaccination from August 20 to 31; From September 11 to 19, the second dose of inoculation was completed, and the leakage detection and replanting of the first dose were carried out simultaneously( 2) People aged 12-14 (mainly high-level primary school and junior middle school students): complete the first dose of vaccination from September 20 to 30; From October 11 to 19, the second dose of inoculation was completed, and the leakage detection and replanting of the first dose were carried out simultaneously( 3) All kinds of people aged 12-17 who are not in the above primary and secondary schools: the community residents (villagers) committee shall do a good job in organization, mobilization and mobilization.

The vaccination shall be accompanied by the guardian or school staff, and the informed consent signed by the guardian shall be provided.

The vaccination unit shall provide the paper informed consent to the school and community in advance, and the school or community shall send it to the guardian of the vaccination object, so as to facilitate reading in advance and improve the efficiency of on-site vaccination.

Q2 how do COVID-19 vaccinations work for students? A: the 12-17 year old group belongs to the minors.

The majority are primary school, junior high school, senior high school, secondary vocational school, technical school and other school students.

When the age group of people vaccinated COVID-19 vaccine, they should be organized by the school in principle.

The forms of vaccination for school students are divided into two modes: spot vaccination in schools and vaccination outside schools: for schools with more than 600 students, schools can set up temporary vaccination sites for students to be vaccinated; For schools that have not set up temporary vaccination sites, the school can make an appointment with community vaccination units, shelter type temporary vaccination sites and itinerant vaccination sites in advance to reasonably carry out collective vaccination for students.

If a student is vaccinated in the school, the school shall distribute the informed consent to the student guardian in advance, and the guardian shall take it back after signing.

During vaccination, students shall be accompanied by school staff or guardians, prepare their own ID card (or household register) and vaccination certificate in advance, cooperate with vaccination personnel in information registration and signing informed consent, and stay for 30 minutes in the designated area after vaccination.

Q3 how are non school students vaccinated with COVID-19? A: non school students can carry their ID card (or residence booklet) and vaccination certificate to community vaccination units, shelter type temporary vaccination points, itinerant vaccination points and other places, accompanied by their guardians, according to the time requirements.

What are the types of COVID-19 vaccine inoculated by Q4 teenagers? Answer: the juveniles were vaccinated with COVID-19 inactivated vaccine.

The inoculation and dosage were the same as those of adults.

They were also two needles, and the interval between them was at least 14 days or 21 days.

What is the safety of Q5 COVID-19 inactivated vaccine? A: very safe.

The inactivated vaccine of COVID-19 has strict regulations in the whole process of R & D, testing, approval, listing, storage, transportation and vaccination.

There is a complete vaccine cold chain system guarantee, and the storage and transportation are carried out in strict accordance with the specifications.

Vaccination units and medical staff have received professional training and strict audit, and are vaccinated according to standard operating procedures.

The juveniles were vaccinated with COVID-19 inactivated vaccine, and the inoculation and dosage were the same as those of adults.

The results showed that the level of antibody induced by vaccines was similar to that of adults.

Q6 is COVID-19 vaccine effective for variant strains? A: vaccination is still an effective means to resist the virus.

Although the protective power of the vaccine against the novel coronavirus variant decreased, the variant was still within the scope of vaccine protection, especially the protective rate of neutralizing antibody.

Data show that vaccines can effectively reduce hospitalization, severe and mortality in China.

Q7 which teenagers are not suitable for COVID-19 vaccination? A: the usual taboos for vaccination include: 1.

Those who are allergic to the active ingredients, any inactive ingredients and substances used in the production process of the vaccine, or those who have been allergic to similar vaccines before.


Persons who have had severe allergic reactions to vaccine in the past (such as acute allergic reaction, angioneuroedema, dyspnea, etc.).


People with uncontrolled epilepsy and other serious nervous system diseases (such as transverse myelitis, Guillain Barre syndrome, demyelinating disease, etc.).


For those who are feverish, or suffering from acute diseases, or acute attack of chronic diseases, or patients with uncontrolled serious chronic diseases, the specific instructions of the vaccine shall prevail.

Some taboos, such as fever, are temporary.

When the taboo no longer exists, you can vaccinate again.

Q8 which teenagers are not suitable for vaccination with second COVID-19 vaccines? A: if a person has been vaccinated with 1 needles COVID-19 vaccine, the acute anaphylaxis confirmed after investigation and diagnosis by the expert group will occur.

In addition, other common allergies, such as pollen allergy and egg allergy, can be safely inoculated if they are not in the acute attack stage.

Q9 can other vaccines be inoculated with COVID-19 vaccine at the same time? A: in order to identify or distinguish possible suspected adverse effects of vaccines, it is not recommended that COVID-19 vaccines should be inoculated with other vaccines at the same time.

It is suggested that the novel coronavirus virus vaccine and other vaccines should be vaccinated for more than two weeks.

It must be noted that when it is necessary to vaccinate rabies vaccine, tetanus vaccine and immunoglobulin urgently due to animal injury, trauma and other reasons, it is not limited by the 14 day vaccination interval.

What should Q10 pay attention to after COVID-19 vaccination? A: stay for 30 minutes after vaccination.

After returning home, keep the skin of the vaccination site clean, eat light, drink plenty of water, do not do strenuous exercise, and have a proper rest.

In case of local reactions such as redness, swelling, induration and pain at the inoculation site, or mild fever, fatigue and headache, there is no need to be nervous.

It can be recovered after proper rest.

In case of serious discomfort, please see a doctor in time.

What are the common reactions after Q11 COVID-19 vaccination? A: according to previous clinical trials and post marketing information, the common adverse reactions of COVID-19 vaccination are basically similar to those of other vaccines that have been widely applied, mainly for slight redness, induration, pain and other transient fever, fatigue, nausea, headache, muscle soreness and so on.

Generally, there is no need for special treatment.

What happens when Q12 is vaccinated with COVID-19? Answer: after vaccination with COVID-19, both local reactions and systemic reactions are mostly transient and self healing.

Just as some people in the world can eat seafood every day, and some people are allergic to seafood, they can not eat at all.

After vaccination with COVID-19, there will be individual differences.

If the axillary temperature exceeds 38.5 ℃ or the local swelling exceeds 2.5 cm in diameter after vaccination, seek medical treatment in time.

In addition, if you continue to feel unwell and do not recover in time, it is also recommended to see a doctor.

Can Q13 be vaccinated against new coronavirus when taking cold or anti-inflammatory drugs? Answer: during the period of taking cold medicine and anti-inflammatory drugs, it is suggested that COVID-19 vaccine should be postponed, and then be vaccinated after recovery..