Forward diffusion! Minor novel coronavirus vaccination “ten questions and ten answers”!

Vaccination of minors with novel coronavirus vaccine 10 / Q / 10 / a recently, many places across the country have successively started the vaccination of novel coronavirus vaccine for people aged 12-17.

How many shots do you need? Is it safe and effective? Does it conflict with other vaccinations? What are the precautions Q & A on vaccination: which groups are mainly covered by people aged 1.12-17? It covers people aged 12-17 (at least 12 years old at the time of vaccination), including school-age students (including students from primary schools, ordinary middle schools, universities, technical secondary schools, vocational high schools, technical schools, work study schools, special education schools and other educational institutions) and non school-age people.

  Q 2.

Is the novel coronavirus vaccine effective against delta strain? Is domestic vaccine useful for delta mutant“ Effective, very safe.

” Academician Zhong Nanshan said that based on the study of the outbreak of COVID-19 Delta in Guangzhou in May this year, the results showed that the domestic vaccine is protective.


what is the COVID-19 vaccine that was vaccinated? The 12-17 year old COVID-19 vaccine is approved by the relevant departments of the state, can be used for the age group of COVID-19 inactivated vaccine.


Is vaccination for adolescents voluntary? Children and adolescents, like people over the age of 18, are key groups in the construction of immune barrier.

Therefore, it is suggested to combine “should receive” with “voluntary principle”, and guide and encourage teenagers to actively vaccinate and actively vaccinate on the basis of fully informing students and parents.

Q: when will people aged 5.3-11 be vaccinated? The age range of the two COVID-19 inactivated vaccines approved by the relevant state departments has been extended to over 3 years of age.

The next step will be based on the epidemic situation, prevention and control needs, population characteristics and so on.


Is the novel coronavirus vaccine for teenagers safe? Safe and reliable.

At present, the two manufacturers approved to urgently use the novel coronavirus inactivated vaccine at the age of 3-17 in China have completed phase I / II clinical trials in the age group of 3-17, and their safety is good.


Will it conflict with other vaccinations? For adults, it is recommended that the interval between novel coronavirus vaccination and other vaccinations be at least 14 days, as is the case for children and adolescents.

However, in case of trauma, dog bite, etc., it is necessary to break the cold or rabies vaccine, which is not limited by the 14 day interval.


Will there be adverse reactions after vaccination? Adverse reactions are mainly local pain, redness and swelling, mainly local reactions, and few systemic reactions.

Individuals may have fever and other manifestations, which are completely controllable and safe.

Generally, no special treatment is required.

Pay attention to rest and drink plenty of water.

It will be relieved in 2-3 days.


What is the novel coronavirus vaccine approved for use among adolescents in China? How many doses do I need? How often? At present, the COVID-19 vaccine approved for use in minors is the COVID-19 inactivated vaccine (Vero cell) produced by the China national biological group Beijing biological products research institute, Beijing biological Co., Ltd.

and Beijing Kexing Zhongwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

(Beijing Kexing Zhongwei).

The inactivated vaccine of COVID-19 (Vero cell) was immunized with 2 doses, of which the Beijing Kexing Zhongwei vaccine was at least 2 weeks interval, and the biological vaccine of Beijing was at least 3 weeks interval.

Answer 10.

What should teenagers pay attention to before and after vaccination( 1)   During the vaccination process, the guardian shall accompany the whole process.

Carry valid certificates (ID card or household register, etc.) during vaccination, and wear loose clothes on the day of vaccination( 2) Avoid fasting before vaccination, do not exercise violently before and after vaccination, drink more water after vaccination and pay attention to rest( 3) before inoculation, the guardians of minors should fully read the “informed consent of COVID-19 vaccination” and cooperate with health inquiries and informed and informed work to truthfully inform the health situation; 4) Stay at the vaccination site for 30 minutes after vaccination.

If you feel unwell, please inform the on-site staff in time( 5) After vaccination, continue to do a good job in personal protection, wear masks, wash hands frequently and maintain personal hygiene.

Answer minor vaccination taboo! Attention( 1) Allergic to any ingredients in the vaccine, including excipients and substances used in the preparation process.

Severe allergic reactions after vaccination have occurred in the past and cannot be vaccinated( 2) Patients with acute diseases, such as urticaria, acute diarrhea, acute appendicitis, internal bleeding, acute pancreatitis and acute pneumonia caused by norovirus cannot be vaccinated( 3) Fever caused by wound infection and inflammation cannot be inoculated( 4) Have convulsion, epilepsy, Guillain Barre syndrome, other progressive nervous system diseases, encephalopathy or mental disease history or family history, and cannot be vaccinated( 5) Has been diagnosed with congenital or acquired immunodeficiency and cannot be vaccinated( 6) Lymphoma, not vaccinated( 7) Leukemia or autoimmune inflammatory disease, can not be vaccinated( 8) Serious respiratory diseases, serious cardiovascular diseases, liver and kidney diseases, can not be vaccinated( 9) For malignant tumors, immunosuppressants such as antitumor drugs cannot be inoculated( 10) Influenza vaccine, hepatitis vaccine, HPV vaccine, other pneumonia vaccines, herpes zoster vaccine and leprosy mumps vaccine shall not be vaccinated within 14 days( 11) Penicillin, cephalosporin, milk, eggs, peanuts, mangoes, seafood, alcohol, wheat bran, pollen, dust mite allergy, etc.

can be inoculated( 12) Mild cold, no fever, can be vaccinated( 13) Menstrual period, can be vaccinated( 14) chronic eczema, chronic urticaria, chronic rhinitis and hepatitis B virus carriers (non drug treatment period) can be vaccinated.

15) Fracture, trauma, no infection, can be inoculated.

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