He Yongliang hosts novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control teleconference meeting

Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention novel coronavirus pneumonia was held in August 9th.

He Yongliang, chaired by the Deputy Secretary of the county Party committee and the county magistrate, held a new television and telephone dispatching meeting to convey the spirit and work requirements of the relevant Party committee.

County leaders Liu Wei, Mao Chaolin and Xiao Liming attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Liu Wei reported on the spot check on the further promotion of epidemic prevention and control and Xinguan vaccination in Xiacun (community) of organ cadres of the county.

  He Yongliang pointed out that it is necessary to clarify the responsibilities of organ cadres to go to the village (community), earnestly do a good job in the guidance, assistance and coordination of township cadres stationed in the village (community) and the two committees of village branches, strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures, strengthen the management and control of foreign risk personnel involved in epidemic disease, and deeply, firmly and efficiently promote the publicity, investigation and supervision of Xinguan vaccination.

He Yongliang stressed the need to implement the deployment requirements of the central, provincial and municipal governments, deeply understand the extreme importance of epidemic prevention and control and vaccination, and comprehensively compact the “Four Party” responsibilities; We should take practical and effective measures to meet the work requirements of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government and accelerate the vaccination work in our county; We should strengthen material support, implement epidemic prevention and control measures strictly, quickly, practically and carefully, and resolutely win the war of resistance against epidemic prevention and control.

Reviewed by: Zeng Linji    Supervised by Sun Yat: Lei Yongqing director: Xie Weiqun..