Last week, 94000 American children were infected with novel coronaviruss, and the incidence rate of children in Santiago was low.

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local time on August 10, 36900934 cases had been confirmed in the United States, and 631008 people had died in the United States.

A total of 4155995 people were diagnosed and 65295 people died in California.

San Diego County Health Department reported on August 10 that 1476 newly confirmed cases were added.

Total number of local cases   308288 cases, 4 new deaths and 3815 deaths.

The incidence rate of children in Santiago is lower than that in other parts of the United States.

The director of infectious diseases in Santiago Rady children’s Hospital said the incidence rate of local children is very low and there is no need to worry.

Although the number of cases in the community is increasing, these figures have not led to a significant increase in the number of hospitalizations of children in Santiago.

” Dr.

John Bradley said he attributed the low incidence rate to the large number of adults vaccinated.

JohnBradley To date, 72 per cent of eligible Santiago people have now been fully vaccinated“ If we vaccinate more adults, the source of infection in children will be reduced, “Bradley said.

Eight teenagers were sent to Rady children’s hospital last week.

No one had serious symptoms and all left in one day.

One patient was 2 years old, but most were over 12 years old.

As schools have opened or are about to open in many areas, there are concerns that the school enrolment rate of children may rise.


Bradley says the solution is to wear masks.

He is a firm advocate of wearing masks in schools“ If they wear masks, any child with mild or asymptomatic symptoms cannot spread.

If they can’t spread it to other children, these children won’t take it home and infect their parents and grandparents, “Bradley said.

He added: “I actually don’t understand why these people think masks are unsafe and that they can’t protect us from more transmission in the community.” Last week, 94000 American children infected with the novel coronavirus virus, due to the spread of the Delta variant, came to the third peak in the United States in the past month.

In this epidemic, the number of coronavirus cases among children is increasing.

According to the new state data analyzed by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the association of children’s hospitals (CHA), as of the week of August 5, the new cases of children accounted for about 15% of all newly reported covid-19 infection cases in the country.

During this period, nearly 94000 cases of coronavirus in children were recorded, an increase of 31% over the approximately 72000 cases reported the previous week.

Two weeks ago, 39000 cases of children were added.

AAP and CHA indicated that after a period of early summer, children’s COVID-19 cases have been increasing since July.

For parents, there is still no clear answer to the big question – whether delta makes children more serious than previous strains.

However, these figures seem to indicate that children infected with covid-19 rarely suffer from serious illness, hospitalization and death.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), less than 2% of children’s covid-19 cases need hospitalization.

Children account for 1.5% to 3.5% of the total number of hospitalizations, and the mortality rate is about 0.00% – 0.03%.

The school is about to open, and the surge of children’s cases is full of uncertainty for the new school year.

Parents in some states are trying to prevent school districts from requiring students to wear masks.

Experts predict that in the next two weeks after returning to school, there will be a new surge in children and adults, especially in Florida and other states that prohibit wearing masks.

“When we put forward the idea of not wearing masks, we put not only children at risk, but also their parents and grandparents at serious risk,” said Kenneth Alexander, director of infectious diseases at Orlando neimoore children’s hospital Experts also stressed the importance of vaccination.


Roberta debiasi, director of infectious diseases at the children’s National Hospital in the District of Columbia, said: “we now have a lot of information about vaccinated people, which shows the effectiveness of [vaccines] in preventing serious diseases.

Even if the virus has changed, the variants have changed, but this is a consistent finding.

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