Notice: Notice on the vaccination schedule of Xinguan vaccine!

Vaccination schedule of Xinguan vaccine in Xigong community health service center of Xigong District: 1.

Vaccinate Xinguan vaccine (two injections and three injections can be vaccinated) from 14:30 to 17:00 p.m.

on August 11.

Due to epidemic prevention requirements, only 100 numbers were issued at the scene in the afternoon.

Address of the center: registration on the first floor of the South Gate of the outpatient building in the North Hospital area (Xigong hospital area) of Luoyang traditional Chinese medicine hospital.

Tel: 62212691    622127002.

Precautions: 1.

When vaccinating the novel coronavirus vaccine, please wear a mask, carry an ID card and a black signature pen; Keep a one meter line distance when queuing.


Before vaccination, do not go on an empty stomach and wear clothes that are easy to put on and off or with loose cuffs.


After vaccination, you must stay on site for 30 minutes and sign to leave if there is no abnormality.


Keep the injection site dry 24 hours after inoculation.

Avoid contacting personal known allergens and common allergens within 1 week.

Do not drink alcohol or eat spicy, irritating or seafood food.

It is recommended to eat light food and drink more water.


It’s hot.

Everyone goes to get vaccinated.

You must pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling! 6.

Residents over 75 years old must be accompanied by their families! 7.

Please observe the on-site order and do not jump in line.

The better the order, the faster the vaccination! How to query vaccination records? The first is to inquire through WeChat or Alipay’s “Henan Affairs Office” applet.

Two, we will process the electronic health card through the “WeChat health” official account of WeChat public, and then check the novel coronavirus vaccination record..