Notice on the first / second vaccination of Xinguan vaccine in Daoqing health center

Hello, residents! Daoqing health center now announces the first / second injection of Xinguan vaccine as follows: I.

The first injection: the vaccination target is healthy people over the age of 18.

Please carry the original ID card, wear a mask, show the auspicious code, follow the arrangement of the staff and vaccinate in an orderly manner.

2、 Second injection: residents who have received the first injection of Xinguan vaccine (Beijing biology, Beijing Kexing and Changchun Biology) before July 22 (including July 22) are invited to queue up at Daoqing health center to receive the second injection of Xinguan vaccine with the first injection certificate, the original ID card, wear a mask and show the auspicious code.

3、 Vaccination time: 8:00-11:00 a.m.

and 13:00-15:00 p.m.

on August 12                  The number of vaccines is limited until vaccination is completed.

                                         Tel: 0439-3526192..