[novel coronavirus vaccine] people aged 12 and over can be vaccinated

There is a small amount of novel coronavirus vaccine (Beijing biology), and the first and second injections can be inoculated (the interval between the second and the first injections should be ≥ 21 days).

According to the epidemic prevention and control requirements, medical institutions need to wear masks, show the travel code, carry mobile phones and ID cards, and apply for electronic health code registration vaccination information through wechat registration “healthy Shaanxi” in advance.

According to the disease control arrangement of Hantai District, the novel coronavirus vaccine vaccination for people aged 12 ~ 14 years will be fully launched from now on.

Please bring your student ID card, parent (parent) ID card, register “healthy Shaanxi” in advance, apply for an electronic health code, register the vaccination information, and vaccinate the novel coronavirus vaccine with your parents.

Please inform each other!       Step 1: wechat.