[Online police reminder] do you dare to invest in “novel coronavirus vaccine” by “financial master”?

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is still more serious than the cheaters.

Now the novel coronavirus pneumonia is still grim.

But the cheater seems to be not concerned about it.

Instead, he has rubbed the fever of the “novel coronavirus vaccine”.

Under the banner of “financial master”, he claimed that he had invested in the “novel coronavirus vaccine” to implement such an advertisement for swindling.

You can’t move! Otherwise, it is a fraud trap waiting for you.

Swindlers lurk in social software and webcast platforms to widely spread networks and trust others.

Posing as army officers, they said they had internal channels to buy “novel coronavirus vaccine”.

Constantly brainwash the victims, instill that investing in the production of “novel coronavirus vaccine” can make a lot of money, and induce the victims to make investment transfer on the platform and app provided by them.

At first, you may “make a small profit”, but in fact, the numbers in the app are false, and the profits and losses are controlled by swindlers in order to take a long line and catch big fish.

When you really can’t afford to continue investing, it’s the moment when the liar runs away.

The internet police remind that there will be no pie in the sky.

Besides, how can it easily fall on you to make a lot of money from investment? He made enough to give you? Once you believe the liar, the result will only be no cash withdrawal or total loss.

In the face of the so-called “high-yield and zero risk” investment, we must be vigilant.

Do not believe the rhetoric of swindlers.

Once you are found cheated, please call the police immediately.

Source: Ningxia internet police     Information push: Wang Zhe..