Q & A on vaccination knowledge of novel coronavirus vaccine — what adverse reactions may occur after vaccination of novel coronavirus

What adverse reactions may occur after vaccination with the novel coronavirus vaccine? Some general reactions may occur after vaccination, such as acid swelling, redness, pain, pruritus, etc; Very few people may have fever, fatigue, nausea, headache, muscle soreness, etc.

due to individual differences.

Generally, they do not need special treatment and can relieve themselves after 2-3 days.

This is one of the characteristics of the vaccine itself, and does not mean that there are problems in the quality and safety of the vaccine itself.

  What if there are serious adverse reactions after vaccination? Generally speaking, serious adverse reactions after vaccination will occur within 30 minutes after vaccination.

Therefore, it is necessary to stay for 30 minutes after vaccination.

In case of adverse reactions, please inform the doctor of the vaccination unit in time.

In case of serious symptoms or progressive aggravation of continuous discomfort after leaving the vaccination site, seek medical treatment and treatment in time.

If it is suspected that it is related to vaccination, it shall be reported to the vaccination unit for subsequent investigation and diagnosis.

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