The latest NEWS COVID-19 has been mutating, and Delta+ cases have occurred in many countries.

This article has 2684 words and the reading time is 5 minutes    South Korea is fighting the fourth wave of the epidemic.

The agency for Disease Control and Prevention (KDCA) said that two new cases of Deltaplus variant have been found.

  The Deltaplus variant mutated in the spike protein of k417n.

The first case of infection in South Korea is a man in his 40s.

He has no travel records recently.

The second case is an overseas traveler.

  Some scientists say the Deltaplus variant may be more infectious, and research is under way in India and around the world.

   “The k417n mutation has attracted interest because it exists in the beta variant, which is reported to have immune evasion characteristics,” the Indian Ministry of Health said in a statement   Just after India got rid of the most serious surge of novel coronavirus cases, there are concerns that Deltaplus will bring another wave of infection to India.

At present, who is tracking this variant.

   The delta plus variant, known as b.1.617.2.1 or ay.

1, is a version of the delta variant first discovered in India in February.

It has spread to nearly 30 countries / regions, but the number of infected cases is not dominant.

  Outbreak of novel coronavirus lambda variant in Peru   Lambda is a novel coronavirus variant that has attracted the latest attention.

It was first discovered in Peru last year.

Now Peru is dominant, accounting for 80% of the cases.

At present, the strain has spread to 40 countries.

   The World Health Organization announced on June 15   Lambda is a “variant of interest”, in part because of its abnormal and potentially dangerous mutation.

This means that it is suspected to be extra infectious or dangerous( Delta variants also start at that level and are then promoted to “variants of concern”)   According to Japanese researchers, the three mutations of virus spike protein may enable lambda variant to resist vaccine induced antibodies and may cause breakthrough infection.

  As of August 9, there were at least 1060 lambda variant infections in the United States.

The lambda variant was first found in Japan on August 6.

The variant was detected in a woman in her 30s at Haneda airport who arrived from Peru on July 20.

She tested positive for coronavirus in the quarantine inspection at the airport, but she had no symptoms.

  Peru’s neighboring Chile has also been invaded by lambda variant, and the patients have reached about 1 / 3 of the new cases.

It is worth noting that the vaccination rate in Chile is very high, and about 60% of the people have received at least one dose of vaccine.

Since this spring, the number of novel coronavirus cases in Chile has increased rapidly, mainly from lambda variant infection.

Therefore, the researchers believe that the variant can escape the immune response induced by the vaccine.

    New variants more infectious than delta variants will attack the United States within 2-4 months.

  Dr Robert Redfield, former director of CDC at the US CDC, predicted that COVID-19 variants will be at high risk in the autumn, according to Dr.


  Dr Robert said: “COVID-19 will continue to replicate rapidly in humans, so the risk of variant evolution is very high.

At that time, we were dealing with the British variant.

Everyone thought it was terrible.

It was twice as infectious as the original.

But you see, three or four months later, we have the delta variant, and now it is the main variant in the United States.

”  “ Then within 2-4 months, we will have another variant, which will be more infectious than the delta variant.

”  “ “Super fungi” spread in two cities in the United States.


health officials say they now have evidence that an incurable fungus has spread in two hospitals and a nursing home.

  According to the CDC, a nursing home in Washington, D.C.

and two hospitals in Dallas broke out “superbacteria”.

A small number of patients have invasive ear Candida infection, and all major drugs are ineffective.

  “This is really the first time that we are beginning to see an accumulation of drug resistance, in which patients seem to be infected with each other,” said Dr.

Megan Lyman of the CDC   Since 2019, the CDC of the United States has listed Candida otorum as an “urgent superbacterial threat”, and countries and hospitals around the world have been highly vigilant against it.

This fungus was also reported in Brazil in December 2020.

  What makes it resistant? The more times you are exposed to certain drugs, the greater the possibility, and the smarter the organism will become, which will prevent some of these treatments from being effective.

  Candida is not the only fungal infection that scares doctors.

During the peak of the pandemic in India, a very rare infection caused by Mucor (called Auricularia auricula) began to surge, and about 12000 cases have been recorded in the country in the past few months.

  In response to the novel coronavirus variant strain, good news came from traditional Chinese medicine.

  The patient’s body temperature dropped to normal one day after taking the medicine.

On the third day after taking the medicine, there were no discomfort symptoms and no obvious abnormalities in various inflammatory indexes.

  Sichuan Traditional Chinese Medicine reported a news.

In July 23rd, the novel coronavirus pneumonia variant was first diagnosed in Mianyang, Sichuan.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been treated by the novel coronavirus pneumonia designated hospital in Mianyang.

  The expert group drew up the prescription of traditional Chinese medicine on site, which was boiled by Mianyang traditional Chinese medicine hospital and delivered by special bus.

Through online contact, the patient can feed back the medication response at any time, and the expert group can adjust the treatment plan at any time according to the patient’s situation.

One day after taking the medicine, the patient’s temperature fell to normal and the symptoms improved significantly.

On the third day (26th), the patient said that he had no discomfort symptoms and no obvious abnormalities in various inflammatory indexes.

   Good news came from the isolation ward in Nanjing.

After taking traditional Chinese medicine decoction, the fever of the patient with high fever in the intensive care ward for a week subsided on August 3.

The good news came one after another.

A patient admitted to the intensive care ward had a high fever for a week.

After taking traditional Chinese medicine decoction for two days, his temperature returned to normal.

  For more information on TCM, please read    India prodigy, Anand, successfully predicted COVID-19 in 2019.

He strongly appealed for the following.

  Of course, we should not be afraid of the current difficulties.

We should arm ourselves in all aspects, including believing in God (here refers to the supreme god you trust, Buddha, Guanyin Bodhisattva, Lao Tzu and other enlightenment teachers), using Ayurvedic therapy and the overall Ayurvedic lifestyle.

We should take a positive attitude and belief in the best, To solve the current and future crises.

We should respect nature and make use of the natural drugs given to us by mother nature to improve our immunity.

This point has existed since ancient times.

What we need to do now is to give it enough attention and respect.

   In this way, mankind will return to the harmonious state of ancient civilization, adopt non violent plant diet and lifestyle, meditate more, do good deeds more and think positively.

I believe that all things in nature will forgive mankind, the earth will be repaired quickly, return to the original blue and purity, and mankind will live happier, healthier and longer.

   My audience comes from all over the world, some from Asia, China and other regions.

I hope you can pay more attention to the traditional treatment adopted by your local when the disease occurs..