Top heat, hot summer war and novel coronavirus disease — the outbreak of epidemic in Wuhan

After a lapse of more than a year, Wuhan once again found local novel coronavirus confirmed cases.

However, in a large city with a population of more than 10 million, once the full staff nucleic acid detection is started, the resources to be coordinated and mobilized are undoubtedly very large, and relying only on public medical manpower is far from enough.

Epidemic situation is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility.

At a critical juncture, Wuhan meinian stepped forward again, took the initiative to ask for war, took full action, did not fear the heat, kept working day and night, actively cooperated with the government to carry out nucleic acid testing, and made every effort to build a safety protection dam for people’s life safety and health with sweat and hard work.

On the forenoon of August 2nd, 7 new positive cases of nucleic acid test positive for crown virus were found in Wuhan Zhuankou economic and Technological Development Zone.

In order to strictly implement the prevention and control strategy of “external defense input and internal defense rebound” and effectively control and reduce the risk of epidemic spread, at 11:00 on August 3, Hubei epidemic prevention and control headquarters held a press conference.

Li Tao, Deputy Secretary General of Wuhan municipal government, announced that Wuhan quickly started full-scale nucleic acid testing.

The year of great love for beauty   Wear armor again   At present, it is urgent to embark on the journey again.

On the morning of August 3, Wuhan meinian health urgently established the anti epidemic headquarters.

Duan zebiao, vice president of meinian health group and Hubei and general manager of Wuhan meinian, served as the chief commander, Dai Yan, executive deputy general manager of Wuhan meinian, and Ku Kai, deputy general manager of Wuhan meinian served as the deputy chief commander of the headquarters.

Duan zebiao instructed: “start the emergency plan, fight the epidemic highly, efficiently and professionally, and quickly rush to the front line”.

Under the command of the headquarters, the responsibilities of each group were defined, including external liaison group, nucleic acid collection group, logistics support group, overall coordination group, etc., and the heads of Wuhan municipal government and relevant district governments were urgently contacted to fully cooperate with the government departments in the national nucleic acid detection work.

Wuhan meinian organized medical and sales personnel to devote themselves to the whole staff nucleic acid conference in Wuhan.

On August 3, the first echelon, Qiaokou branch, went to Qiaokou District government for nucleic acid sampling.

The second echelon dispatched medical staff from five branches of Gaoxin, Guanggu, Hankou, Sixin and Yisheng to 10 workplaces in Zhuankou for nucleic acid detection.

The third echelon covered many central urban areas such as Donghu hi tech, Hongshan, Dongxihu, Hanyang, Jianghan and Jiang’an, A total of nearly 20000 people were tested for nucleic acid.

The construction site of Wuhan Zhuankou economic and Technological Development Zone is the origin of the epidemic in Wuhan, and the conditions of nucleic acid sampling points on the construction site are difficult.

Despite difficulties and risks, the majority of medical and sales personnel rushed to the front line, withstanding the outdoor high temperature of 39 degrees and wearing airtight protective clothing, fighting at more than 10 nucleic acid sampling points on construction sites.

They were meticulous and collected samples in strict accordance with medical operation specifications and procedures.

As the government required three days to complete the testing task, the time was tight and the task was heavy, the general manager office of meinian province immediately issued a mobilization order to organize branches around Hubei to quickly organize medical teams to rush to Wuhan day and night.

Since August 4, nearly 50 medical staff from Qichun, Xishui, Xinzhou, Huangshi, Daye, Xiaogan, Shiyan and Xiantao in Hubei Province have arrived in Wuhan one after another, directly rushed to nucleic acid sampling points in various regions, braved high temperature and heat, overcome various difficulties and quickly put into nucleic acid detection.

On August 3 and August 4 alone, Wuhan meinian sent more than 300 medical staff to fight day and night in an environment where the body temperature exceeded 40 degrees.

Up to now, more than 275000 person times of nucleic acid sampling tasks have been completed, which has been highly recognized and praised by Wuhan Health Commission.

American model   A party member is a banner.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, the majority of employees in Wuhan meinian took the initiative to go to the front line of nucleic acid collection, especially some older party members, who are not afraid of difficulties and dangers and are willing to contribute.

Zhou Xiuqing, director of ECG Department of Sixin branch, is 71 years old this year and has just won the honorary Medal of 50 years in the party.

After learning that the medical staff involved in nucleic acid sampling were in urgent need, he volunteered and insisted on going to the front line of nucleic acid sampling.

Under the heat, she stuck to her post and began to take nucleic acid samples at 6:30 a.m.

She said: “although it is very hot to wear protective clothing, we can insist that this is what a party member should do.

Party members should not be afraid of difficulties and move forward bravely!” Yi Jianzhen, a consulting doctor in Hankou branch, is 68 years old.

She also volunteered and insisted on going to the front line of nucleic acid sampling.

She said: “in 2020, COVID-19 failed to go to the front line, and could only inquisition online.

This time, we must go to the first line of nucleic acid sampling.” Many old party members like them have been sticking to the front line and serving the majority of residents.

Their dedication to facing difficulties and dangers is very touching.

It is an example for every American to learn from! The anti epidemic spirit of the American Iron Army shines forever.

The nucleic acid detection task of the whole staff is arduous.

In addition, the weather is hot, and the conditions of most sampling sites are limited.

Wuhan meinian medical and sales staff carried forward the anti epidemic spirit, braved the high temperature and heat, overcome various difficulties and minor diseases.

Some feel unwell, rest for a while, drink water and then dry; Some sweat flows down the cuffs and trouser corners, but they never complain or get tired.

They keep working until 2 ~ 3 a.m.

or even all night; When it was time for dinner, some ignored the meal and asked her why she didn’t eat on time? She said: there are not many people in line.

Eat after picking, so as not to waste a suit of protective clothing.

What she saves is not only a set of protective clothing, but also shows the great love spirit of Americans who are anxious about the people and think about the people.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, all the American people in Hubei have been sticking to the forefront of the epidemic.

They have made great contributions to the epidemic prevention work in key areas of Hubei.

Now, when the epidemic hit Wuhan again, Hubei meinian once again united, worked together, faced difficulties, stood up and fought again, carried forward the great love spirit of selfless dedication of meinian people, took the due responsibility and responsibility as a non-public medical institution without hesitation, and built a safety defense line for the life safety and health of the people in Wuhan! The epidemic situation will not disperse, and the United States will not retreat! All the Americans in Hubei will continue to raise the banner of epidemic resistance and create the Iron Army of the United States, fighting bloody battles until they defeat COVID-19.

Come on, Wuhan will win!..