Welcome to Shanfu to vaccinate Xinguan vaccine [vaccination arrangement on August 11] Beijing Kexing has vaccines!

On Wednesday, August 11, the temporary vaccination site of Xinguan vaccine in Shanfu town carried out vaccination.

Vaccine manufacturer: Beijing Kexing Lucheng Shanfu town Xinguan vaccine temporary vaccination site has beautiful environment, efficient operation, short waiting time, sufficient air conditioning, connection between observation room and urban study, and free herbal tea.

It feels great! If the local vaccination site is busy, you can choose to come to the beautiful Shanfu for a walk, a look and Miao Miao.

Warm tips: before vaccination, please confirm that there is no vaccination contraindication and avoid fasting vaccination.

Stay on site for more than 30 minutes after each vaccination.

The weather is hot, please take heatstroke prevention measures.

Follow up vaccination will be released on this official account, please pay attention to it in time.

Thank you for your support and cooperation in our work! Vaccination time: 8:10 a.m.

address: first floor of Linjiang Jinyuan, Shanfu town (next to the city study)  )   👈 Click on the left to get the location.

Please arrange the time, bring your ID card, wear a mask and come to line up for vaccination【 [query vaccination record via mobile phone].