Xinguan vaccination · August 12 · Rongqiao Jinjiang Community Center

this   day   no   yes   open   Notice on the specific opening time (August 12, 2021) Jinjiang community, Hongshan Town, Gulou, Fuzhou, is one of the vaccination sites.

This vaccination site is located in Jinjiang community cultural activity center in zone B of Rongqiao Jinjiang, Gulou.

Sometimes there are many people, sometimes there are few people, and the time for vaccination is uncertain and fixed.

Shells can find fangnuojia Stores – as the center of the community Part of it is just at the entrance of the community.

Community residents often come to consult.

Sometimes, some residents have traveled a long way and found that there were no seedlings on that day, or sometimes there was a long queue when they were in a hurry.

To provide convenience for residents, Nuo employees have made a daily vaccination column from the public official account from a better service community perspective.

In the future, a notice will be issued every day to inform the vaccination situation of “Jinjiang community vaccination point”: whether there is vaccination today, whether there are many vaccinations, whether there is a need to make an appointment in advance, when the number of people will be the least, when to get off work, etc.

Residents who need this service can pay attention to the official account above, and then look at the daily column notice (from August 10, 2021 to push the notice).

If more timely interaction notice is needed, Lin Hairong’s personal WeChat can be added (please note your needs when added).

Jinjiang is the preferred neighbor..