XiXiangTang District novel coronavirus pneumonia detection in 2021

Novel coronavirus pneumonia virus detection exercise was carried out in XIXIANGTANG district on August 10th afternoon.

The emergency team was also involved in the drills and prevention of the disease.

The leaders of the city’s epidemic prevention and control group, the relevant units of the command center, the CDC, the relevant medical and health units, the medical staff, and the nucleic acid sampling point leaders attended a total of 245 people to take part in the drill and observation.

Huang Zhitao, the leader of the urban area, attended the drill and made a concluding speech.

He stressed that we should be prepared for danger in times of peace and take precautions against a rainy day.

Starting with “preparedness” and “strengthening mechanism”, we should pay close attention to the combination of peacetime and wartime, improve response ability, strengthen overall coordination and linkage, standardize grid management, strictly supervise and assess, implement emergency support, and pay close attention to the detailed implementation of various measures of “external defense input and internal defense rebound”, Build a solid barrier to further maintain the overall situation of sound and rapid economic and social development and social and political stability in the urban area.

This exercise simulates a confirmed case in a community neighborhood of a community residents committee, and plans to conduct large-scale population nucleic acid collection and detection for about 20000 people in the area.

Nanning large-scale nucleic acid detection system was launched for the first time, focusing on the application effectiveness of the system.

It aims to efficiently organize the registration of nucleic acid detection information of all staff through information application and operation, timely and quickly carry out large-scale nucleic acid detection, scientifically, accurately and effectively respond to sudden outbreaks, so as to provide rapid, efficient Orderly organize the masses to carry out nucleic acid detection and provide strong technical support.

By organizing some towns (streets) to send personnel to participate in the practical operation drills of the roles of sampling point informants and registrars, the drill observation meeting focuses on the application of large-scale population nucleic acid sampling system by sampling point informants and registrars to quickly complete the information registration and entry of the tested people.

The site is divided into nine areas and three channels, “nine areas”, namely waiting area, registration area, sampling area, temporary isolation area, medical support area, off protection area, medical staff rest area, material supply area and dressing protection area, so as to form a reasonable layout“ “Three channels”, i.e.

personnel inlet channel, subject outlet channel and dirt outlet channel, to realize one-way flow of personnel.

The staff on the drill ground responded quickly, cooperated closely and responded calmly.

The whole drill process was orderly.

The tasks of large-scale nucleic acid detection system detection and process inspection were successfully completed, and the expected results were achieved.

In the next step, XIXIANGTANG district will strengthen the promotion of the application of large-scale nucleic acid detection system, further clarify the work responsibilities of the informants, registrants and guides of sampling points in towns and streets, organize and guide the towns (streets) and villages (communities) under its jurisdiction to carry out the second drill of the application of large-scale nucleic acid detection system, and master the application and operation of large-scale population nucleic acid detection system, Establish a team of informants of large-scale nucleic acid sampling and detection system, earnestly undertake the responsibilities of registration and entry of sampled residents’ information, let medical personnel concentrate on sampling, improve the efficiency of large-scale nucleic acid detection, and ensure that in case of an outbreak of epidemic, the information teams of nucleic acid sampling points in the jurisdiction can be put into epidemic prevention at the first time, Carry out large-scale nucleic acid detection in a timely, rapid and efficient manner to fully ensure the health and safety of the people.

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