2 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Chongqing are being investigated and disposed.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in Jiangjin district at 8:30 on July 30th, 2 cases.

Case 1 novel coronavirus pneumonia, 22, was diagnosed as fever in July 29th in a medical institution in Jiangjin district.

In July 29th, the results of COVID-19 nucleic acid test were positive.

The diagnosis was confirmed by clinical expert consultation and laboratory test results, and was diagnosed as a novel coronavirus pneumonia case (common type).

Case 2, female, 24 years old, is the girlfriend of case 1.

On July 30, as a close contact of case 1, nucleic acid test was carried out, and the result was positive; A novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed case (light) was diagnosed by the municipal level expert consultation and combined with clinical, imaging and laboratory findings, and is being treated at designated medical institutions.

Relevant municipal and district departments took immediate action to carry out comprehensive epidemiological investigation, are tracking and screening relevant personnel, and take corresponding epidemic prevention measures for relevant personnel and environment.

The follow-up information will be announced to the public in time.

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