Announcement of novel coronavirus Pneumonia Control Center in Dongsheng District

Recently, novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed novel coronavirus pneumonia in Dongsheng District, Jiangsu, Nanjing, Hunan and Zhangjiajie, where the epidemic prevention command headquarters of the New District of Guangzhou had been released recently.

The epidemic of the novel coronavirus pneumonia was rapidly spread and the infection chain was extended continuously in 2021 years, 5 cities in Zhangjiajie and Hunan.

In order to ensure the life safety and health of the people in the region, effectively control and reduce the risk of epidemic spread and consolidate the achievements of epidemic prevention, we hereby announce as follows.

1、 Strictly implement the management and control measures for incoming and outgoing personnel and inbound personnel in medium and high-risk areas.

14 days of centralized isolation measures and 4 times of nucleic acid testing (day 1, day 3, day 7 and day 14) have been implemented for all personnel from the medium and high risk area of Nanjing epidemic or Lukou International Airport (including stopover) to and from our area since July 10 (including the day), Zhangjiajie residents since July 17 (including the day), and Changde residents since July 23 (including the day), If there is no abnormality in the test results, the isolation observation can be lifted.

The control measures of “14 days centralized isolation + 2 times nucleic acid detection” shall be implemented for all personnel entering our area from domestic high-risk areas (Health Code “red code”).

For those who enter our area from domestic medium risk areas (Health Code “yellow code”), the control measures of “14 day home isolation (centralized isolation if they do not have the conditions for home isolation) + 2 times of nucleic acid detection” shall be implemented.

After returning to our area after the expiration of centralized isolation at the first entry point, all inbound personnel shall immediately report information, and strictly implement the measures of 7-day home health monitoring and 2 times of nucleic acid detection.

For nucleic acid detection on the 7th day of home isolation, two nasopharyngeal swabs should be collected and tested with different nucleic acid detection reagents.

The two tests should be carried out by different institutions, and health follow-up should be done well.

2、 Accurately implement the control measures for personnel in low-risk areas.

Personnel from administrative areas above the prefecture level with medium and high-risk areas (excluding medium and high-risk areas) who come to and from our area shall hold the negative certificate of nucleic acid test within 48 hours and can move freely on the premise of personal protection.

If the negative certificate of nucleic acid test within 48 hours cannot be provided, centralized isolation shall be carried out at the first entry site, and the nucleic acid test shall be completed within 24 hours.

After the test result is negative, it can flow freely on the premise of personal protection.

3、 It is unnecessary to hold large-scale gathering activities.

Party and government organs, enterprises and institutions and social organizations in the region must strictly fulfill the main responsibility for epidemic prevention and control, and do not do general activities if they can, and suspend them if they can; For the activities that really need to be held, the epidemic prevention and control work plan and emergency response plan shall be formulated in advance in accordance with the principle of “who holds, who is responsible”, and various epidemic prevention measures shall be strictly implemented.

From now on, organs, institutions and state-owned enterprises at all levels will suspend organizing group activities outside the city, and remind and guide their cadres, workers and their families to suspend tourism outside the city.

The competent departments of all industries shall strengthen the epidemic prevention and control of cold chain food and non cold chain goods, and do a good job in personal protection, health monitoring and regular nucleic acid testing of relevant employees.

4、 Strict management of key places.

Each scenic spot strictly controls the upper limit of tourist reception, implements the ticket reservation system, and reasonably arranges the number of tourists.

Travel agencies shall pay timely attention to the epidemic situation in the country, and shall not organize groups to travel to medium and high-risk areas, and shall not carry out “air ticket + Hotel” business to medium and high-risk areas.

Medical, regulatory, elderly care and welfare institutions and service halls, shopping malls, supermarkets, farmers’ markets, banks, pharmacies, libraries, museums, cultural centers, Internet cafes, performances and entertainment places shall detect the body temperature of the entrants, check the “Health Code” and vaccination, and strictly implement the prevention and control measures such as wearing masks, daily cleaning, ventilation and disinfection.

5、 Strengthen the management of public transport.

The frequency of cleaning, ventilation and disinfection shall be increased, and the ventilation shall be maintained as much as possible during the operation of buses and taxis.

Dongsheng West Station, Dongsheng east station, Dongsheng long distance bus station and Dongsheng passenger transport center shall strictly implement relevant control measures, implement temperature detection, travel track and nucleic acid detection results, “Health Code” verification, vaccination reminder and other systems for personnel entering and leaving the station, and make registration.

Passengers shall be guided to declare before inspection in advance.

6、 Strict management of medical institutions.

All medical institutions must strictly implement the regulations on the management of nosocomial infection and standardize the establishment of pre examination, triage and fever clinics.

Individual clinics, community (Village) clinics, medical institutions without fever clinics and pre inspection and triage are strictly prohibited to treat fever patients.

All drug retail stores shall strictly implement temperature measurement.