Attention! Jiangning novel coronavirus virus vaccine to be vaccinated!

Recently, Xiaobu received many messages on when Jiangning will resume the second vaccination ▽▽ backstage! coming! Jiangning District COVID-19 vaccine resumed vaccination arrangements! People who have delayed the second vaccination due to the epidemic situation should pay attention.

From now on, they can go to the street community or directly contact the grid member for registration and appointment.

They can go to the vaccination point on time with the “appointment form” to focus on vaccination! When can Lukou Street residents be vaccinated? The low risk transition period of Lu Kou street ends with normalization and prevention and control.

After a unified arrangement of vaccination work, the residents who have made an appointment with the novel coronavirus virus vaccine will arrive at the inoculation point with the “booking form” to carry their ID cards on time and place on time.

Don’t pile up! Don’t pile up! Precautions: truthfully declare the health before vaccination and show the health code; Stay for half an hour after vaccination and do not leave in advance; Wear masks throughout the vaccination period, keep the “one meter line”, line up in an orderly manner and do not gather.

Jiangning District COVID-19 vaccination, other hot spot Q & a small cloth for everyone to sort out the Q   Vaccination arrangement for 12-17-year-old teenagers a the students aged 12-17 in this area shall be uniformly notified by the school and vaccinated at a designated time and place; For other people aged 12-17, please register and make an appointment with the street and community through the grid member, wait for the “appointment form” issued by the street community, and go to the vaccination site on time.

Q    Appointment method for the first dose of vaccination for people aged 18 and above: refer to the appointment method for the second dose of vaccination, wait for the “appointment form” issued by the street and community, and go to the vaccination site on time.

Estimated start time of vaccination: mid to late September.

Q has the demand for going abroad recently.

How can we make an appointment to vaccinated COVID-19? A for personnel with urgent needs such as going abroad (including people aged 12 ~ 17), they can carry out vaccination at Xinguan vaccination point of Nanjing Tongren Hospital with relevant certificates of going abroad (contact information: 025-66988169).

Q   How to deal with the following needle times that are about to expire or have expired? A according to the COVID-19 vaccination technical guidelines (First Edition), the vaccine for 2 or 3 times submission procedures should be replanted as early as possible.

There is no need to restart the immunization procedure, and the corresponding dose can be completed once.

Q can the vaccines of Beijing biology and Kexing Zhongwei be mixed with each other? A.

in special circumstances such as continuous supply of vaccines and vaccination of recipients in different places, when the vaccination cannot be completed with the same vaccine product, the vaccine products of other manufacturers of the same kind can be used to complete the vaccination without deliberately waiting for the same vaccine product of the same vaccine manufacturer to complete the vaccination.

Specific conditions can be consulted on site during vaccination.

Q   Who and under what circumstances can not be vaccinated against COVID-19? A the usual taboos for vaccination include: (1) those who are allergic to the active ingredient, any inactive ingredient and substances used in the production process of the vaccine, or those who have been allergic to similar vaccines before( 2) Those who have had severe allergic reaction to vaccine in the past (such as acute allergic reaction, angioneuroedema, dyspnea, etc.)( 3) People with uncontrolled epilepsy and other serious nervous system diseases (such as transverse myelitis, Guillain Barre syndrome, demyelinating disease, etc.)( 4) Fever, or acute disease, or acute attack of chronic disease or uncontrolled severe chronic disease( 5) Pregnant women.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine control point, Nanjing, Jiangning District, Liu Xiaoxue, editor of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention joint control headquarters, Mr.

Liu Xiaoxue..