August 12 Haizhou shelter novel coronavirus vaccination notice

Dear residents      Recently, the form of epidemic prevention and control has become increasingly severe.

Zhejiang has made it clear that when entering and leaving medical institutions, nursing homes, airports, stations, docks, cinemas, farmers’ markets, shopping malls, entertainment places, scenic spots and other public places, they should wear masks, actively cooperate with body temperature measurement, health code and travel card verification and vaccination inspection.

The epidemic is not over yet.

Vaccinate Xinguan vaccine and build a strong immune barrier! Please actively vaccinate the novel coronavirus vaccine! The vaccination schedule of Haizhou shelter Xinguan vaccination site on August 12 is as follows:    Inoculation time: 13:30-17:00; Vaccine manufacturer: Beijing biological     Vaccination object:     Beijing biology   The first and second shots can be inoculated.

Those who have reached 21 days after the first shot of Beijing biology can be inoculated with the second shot.

Those who have not been inoculated over the age of 18 can be directly inoculated with the first shot.

    Vaccination for people aged 15-17 has been started, and Haining school students are recommended to come for vaccination according to the unified implementation plan of the education department.

Foreign students who urgently go abroad, are not in school or come to Haining to visit their relatives during the summer vacation can give priority to vaccination.

Students aged 15-17 must be accompanied by their guardians.

Vaccination site: second floor, building B, Xinyue garden, Xinzhuang community, Haizhou Street (Qianjiang intersection of Wenzong Road).

      Haizhou Street Community Health Service Center                    August 12, 2021      Warm tips: Please bring your ID card and the first vaccination certificate, wear a mask and go to the vaccination point of our hospital for injection at the specified time.

At present, there are many vaccination personnel.

Please abide by the on-site order and cooperate with the staff to arrange an orderly queue for vaccination…