Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate of Pakistan: oppose demonizing China on the origin of the novel coronavirus

author  |  Yao kaihong ▲ report screenshot  “ The novel coronavirus must be traced to the premise of respecting science and eliminating political prejudice.

“The action of politicizing COVID-19’s origin” is regrettable.

On the 26 day of the local time, the Bazhong Institute of Pakistan (PCI) organized a network Seminar on the theme of COVID-19’s origin and international cooperation.

Many participants in Pakistan voicing their opposition to western countries’ demonization of China on the origin of COVID-19.

According to Pakistan’s “international news” 27 reported that the seminar was chaired by Mustafa, executive director of the Bazhong Research Institute (MustafaHyderSayed).

The meeting examined the report and analysis of the origin of COVID-19, and discussed the so-called COVID-19 traceability report submitted by the US intelligence department to the president of the United States.

More than 50 people from Asia and Africa attended the meeting.

Mushahid Hussein, chairman of the Pakistan Senate Foreign Relations Committee, pointed out that the US government’s politically motivated COVID-19 traceability survey led China to be demonized.

He opposed western countries’ demonized China on COVID-19’s origin.

Mushahid also mentioned how former US President trump fabricated the term “China virus”, saying that “this attack is no different from racism, Islamophobia and anti Semitism”.

Mushahid also exposed the prevailing Cold War mentality in the United States, calling this thinking a link between the novel coronavirus virus and Asians, leading to a sharp increase of 169% of hate crimes against Asian Americans.

Western countries need to adopt China’s approach to fairly distribute the novel coronavirus vaccine as a global public product; Join the “vaccine without borders” initiative to prevent “vaccine nationalism”; Reset priorities to focus on health, population planning, climate change, food security and water security.

” Mushahid said“ The politicization of COVID-19’s origins is “regrettable.” Munir Akram, permanent representative of Pakistan to the United Nations, pointed out at the seminar that western countries have set a bad precedent by using the World Health Organization as a tool for political manipulation.

Akram believes that the traceability of the novel coronavirus must be carried out on the premise of respecting science and eliminating political prejudice.

Hassan khawar, a Pakistani public policy expert, stressed that there is no scientific evidence for western countries’ accusations against China.

At present, COVID-19 is still spreading all over the world, causing sustained damage to all parts of the world.

Only by cooperation can countries find the origin of the virus.

Original title: Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee of Pakistan: against the demonization of China’s origin on the origin of COVID-19  | Chen Yanan, editor of overseas network, recalled the emergence of radioactive hybrid wild boars in Fukushima, Japan.

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