Chiba Shinichi dies: there is no male sect leader in the world

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There is no male sect leader in the world.

Last night, a news hit the headlines on the microblog“ Tyrant died.

On August 19, the media reported that actor Zhenyi Chiba died at the age of 82 because of Shin Guan.

According to his family, it took only 11 days for Chiba to leave from illness.

Chiba Zhenyi diagnosed the novel coronavirus at the end of July, but based on Japan’s current epidemic prevention policy, he could only recuperate at home.

After the pneumonia worsened, he was hospitalized on August 8 and accepted oxygen inhalation and other measures, but his condition did not improve.

The incident was so sudden that her relatives had not accepted the cruel reality.

The news also spread rapidly on Weibo.

Many post-80s / 90s Netizens feel particularly sad because his TV plays have accompanied the growth of a generation.

In our memory, “Fengyun dominates the world” is the drama king of that era.

He Rundong’s non crying death god Bu Jingyun, Zhao Wenzhuo’s graceful Nie Feng are all the martial arts male gods we used to be obsessed with.

However, the most impressive must be the tyrant of Shinichi Chiba.

He is like a character coming out of the cartoon.

With a domineering look and a gesture, he is a frightening “male gang leader”.

In our opinion, he is not playing a tyrant, and Shinichi Chiba is a tyrant.

After learning the news of his sudden death, many people commented: “I knew he was Japanese.

The classic role in childhood memory has gone well all the way.

” Others say his “hero” is an insurmountable classic.

Is the golden scale a thing in the pool? It turns into a dragon in case of wind and cloud.

Now, Chiba Zhenyi is gone.

There is no male sect leader in the world.

There is a legend called Shinichi Chiba.

Many people don’t know that Shinichi Chiba is Japanese and a very famous actor in Japan.

Chiba Shinichi, formerly known as Maeda Mizuho, was born in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan on January 23, 1939.

When I was a child, my family was very poor.

In Chiba Zhenyi middle school, he trained in track and field, volleyball and baseball.

In the third grade of junior high school, he won the National Gymnastics Championship in Japan.

In 1957, Shinichi Chiba entered the Department of physical education of Japan Sports University.

However, due to his poor family, in order to make up for the tuition, Chiba Zhenyi had to do short-time earthwork excavation in his spare time.

When he was a sophomore in college, in a training, Chiba Zhenyi failed to land when practicing horse vaulting, and his waist was injured.

Coupled with the harsh short-time labor, Chiba Zhenyi had to give up sports.

Forced to make a living, Shinichi Chiba participated in the sixth new talent draft of Dongying, Japan.

Because he had the special experience of Japan Sports University, he was successful in the draft of 26000 people.

He entered Dongying company in 1959 and began his acting career.

In 1960, Shinichi Chiba starred in Shinji’s first film, the detective of fenglaifang, which was appreciated by the audience; In 1968, Shinichi Chiba won a certain popularity for his role in the TV series hunter; In 1978, he starred in the ancient costume martial arts drama “the plot of the Liusheng family”; In 1982, he participated in the love comedy “futa March”, which won eight awards such as the best film of the 6th Japan Film Academy Award; In 1990, he directed and participated in the drama “beautiful warriors”, which is the first work of director Shinichi Chiba.

What makes Chiba Zhenyi familiar to Chinese audiences is “xiongba”.

In 1998, at the gracious invitation of Liu Weiqiang and Wen Jun, Chiba went to Hong Kong to play the villain in the world.

Chiba has excellent acting skills and both God and shape, just like the bully benba coming out of the cartoon.

Therefore, he was nominated for best actor at the 18th Hong Kong Film Awards.

In 2002, he starred in the martial arts TV series “wind and cloud”, which became popular again.

In 2003, he participated in the killing bill by Hollywood director Quentin and won world-class popularity.

In July 2007, Shinichi Chiba held a press conference in Tokyo and announced his withdrawal from the art industry.

Later, Shinichi Chiba gradually faded out of the media.

In 2018, he showed pictures of himself shooting movies in Los Angeles.

At that time, he was in high spirits and looked very healthy, except for some obvious age spots on his face.

I didn’t expect to hear his news again, but he died.

Some people say: there are thousands of expectations in the world, and the best one is called tomorrow; There are thousands of lies in the world, and the most sad one is that the future is long.

If you don’t hold each other tightly when you are most affectionate, the future can turn into yesterday’s day.

Life is actually more fragile than you think, and time is far more cruel than you think.

Not every time I wave goodbye, I can have the chance to see you again.

Maybe if I pass by once, I will see you forever.

Just like the song: everything has an end.

When we get together and leave, sometimes nothing will last forever.


When we stay together, we do our best.

When we separate, we never forget that in 2021, many familiar faces have left us.

The eve of the new year, the little devil sun qiaolu died suddenly; Li Xiangqin, known as the “adulterous concubine of the generation”, died at home due to illness.

Andy Lau worshipped her as a godmother.

Gu Tianle, Zhou Xingchi, Zhang Guorong, yen and others loved working with her.

She witnessed the rise and fall of Hong Kong films for decades; Then, the famous musician Zhao Yingjun died at the age of 43.

The song “give you a little red flower” created during his lifetime inspired countless people.

Later, he knew under what environment it was written; Then Wu Mengda also left, shocking the whole network; In addition, in the future, there will be no Xie Dajiao in rural love.

He has chased the longest play.

When Changgui dies, he can come back with another name, but Xie Dajiao can no longer…

These leaving faces are only left to our figures in movies and music.

In the final analysis, death is the end result that each of us will face.

In one’s life, one has to face all kinds of farewell.

Life is impermanent.

If we learn to thank, apologize, say goodbye and love, we will have no regrets in this life.

Facing the faces that once brought us memories, all we can do is not to forget them so soon.

Although the dead are gone, those classic characters and beautiful music will accompany us through spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Therefore, I hope you will be sincere when you stay together and never forget when you leave* Author: Fu Shu, the new book “good life” is selling well, and together with the 5 million people to upgrade their life cognition, knowing the micro-blog book, the first official account: ID:kolfrc..