COVID-19 and ADE effect

I see many people on the Internet worried about the ade effect.

According to the data I collected, I will explain what I understand is the ade effect: a virus appears and invades the human body.

The human immune system cannot recognize it at the beginning, so the physical condition becomes very severe, and people’s condition may become very serious.

Doctors use vaccines to solve this problem.

Vaccines disguise themselves as that kind of virus.

After entering the human body, they take the initiative to harass the immune system and shout: you hit me?! Hit me if you have seed! So the immune system was activated.

He rolled up his sleeves and said as he walked: I must meet this requirement.

Sample, I remember you! Then the vaccine was a blast hammer.

The vaccine lay in a pool of blood, looked up hard, and said his last words to the immune system: don’t forget what I look like.

The immune system replied with a grimace: don’t worry, fight once every time you see it.

The vaccine died peacefully after hearing it.

Because the immune system remembers what the virus dressed up by the vaccine looks like, the next time the real virus swaggers into the human body, the immune system will activate immediately: sample, come back? No memory, right? So they quickly began to attack and kill the virus, which protected the human body.

However, the immune system, as a system, will not directly attack the virus.

We must fake others.

Just as the judicial system does not directly fight crime, fighting crime requires the police, courts and prisons.

Economic cases are handled by the economic investigation police and the economic court; Criminal cases are handled by criminal police and criminal courts; Public security cases are handled by regional police and detention centers.

In the immune system, antibodies are the thugs or bodyguards of the immune system.

A specific virus corresponds to a specific antibody.

What is the ade effect? Generally speaking, antibodies can protect the body.

But sometimes the antibody itself is not very good, like the character and skills of the thugs or bodyguards you invite.

The virus has been lying in ambush at the door.

As a result, the renegade antibody not only does not resist, but opens the doors and windows and invites thieves.

The virus is welcome to drive straight in; Or the virus has mutated and there are other subtypes.

In short, it looks a little different from before.

My brother replaced my brother to knock at the door, but the antibody eyes are not good.

I think it’s not a person, so I let the virus in.

Your immune system believes in antibodies and thinks that it can do a good job in defending against viruses.

Therefore, if you do not set up defenses against mutated viruses, the viruses can make chaos wantonly, which is not as good as when there is no antibody.

This is probably the case.

I’m not a medical major, so just look around.

Why do I suddenly talk about the ade effect? It’s because some people on the Internet are shouting that they are very worried about the ade effect after reading Baidu’s search results.

So I went to search it, and sure enough, the first one was like this: I talked about medicine just now.

You can listen to it.

But now, if you talk about search results, you can listen carefully to my next words — I think the search results are rather poor, causing many people to take it as an irrefutable evidence of the ADE effect of COVID-19 vaccine.

Why does it appear at the top of search results? This is because this article hits two key words simultaneously: COVID-19 and ADE effect.

What is a keyword? It’s the word that everyone keeps typing and searching on the search engine, which can best match the results you want.

Many people are searching for the word “novel coronavirus virus” because of the epidemic.

Then the search engine lists the search results according to their importance, and tries to make you find the content you need on the first page.

Naturally, so many people, so many websites are talking about COVID-19.

They compete very fiercely with each other.

It is not easy to enter the first page of search results.

Because they are worried that they will encounter the ade effect after vaccination, which will cause greater harm.

Many people are also searching for the “ade effect”.

This article in the picture also put in two key words, COVID-19 and ADE effect, and then talent shows itself in the search results.

You see its first sentence is: the ADE effect of the novel coronavirus virus is also called…

The question is, do you turn around and turn over the content before, when I talk about the ADE effect, is it the novel coronavirus virus ADE effect? Or do you emphasize that COVID-19 has ADE effect? No, I just say what the ade effect is.

Because of the persistent concern about the ADE effect of the novel coronavirus virus, academician Gao Fu has expressed similar ideas last year.

The discussion about it has not stopped, and many articles can be found at random, for example, the official account of the following public number: “novel coronavirus ADE real hammer? Have you been “educated” because ade can’t be vaccinated For example, the next report of Caixin in June (to be paid): can COVID-19 analyze the effect of ADE? There is also a more complex popular science article: “ade effect, the heel of novel coronavirus vaccine research and development( Ade effect, the heel of novel coronavirus vaccine development( Of course, there are always disputes of views, which is necessary for scientific progress.

However, whether COVID-19 has produced the ADE effect should be a factual judgement.

Are there any specific cases reported so far? Whether it is a doctor’s report, a contagious scholar’s report or a serious news report, it confirms that in what specific person COVID-19 has produced the ADE effect? Has it happened, or has it been found in non-human animal experiments, or is there such a concern, or even just a reminder to vaccine manufacturers? If you don’t understand this problem, as a reader said in his message yesterday, he was still popularizing science the day before.

The next day, when he knew the concept of ADE, he turned 180 degrees: I think I can understand people’s anxiety and anxiety about the ade effect.

So, I share some articles I found.

Not doing popular science, because I can’t do this kind of work, and I don’t want to do this kind of work.

I just want to remind you to learn more about ADE.

In my opinion, neither COVID-19 nor ADE will produce ADE effect, nor is it a scientific attitude or a responsible attitude.

On the one hand, anxiety should not be amplified because of panic, because the possibility of ade is on the side of anti vaccine; On the other hand, because it is popular science, we can break the iron mouth and teach the common people from a commanding position.

After all, what do most people on the Internet know? If you really know, why aren’t we busy designing and manufacturing vaccines or treating patients on the front line? Finally, I want to say one thing: the first answer in Baidu search results is released on December 10, 2020.

On April 11 of this year, a website called mace also published an article.

You can look at the eighth paragraph and compare the two articles: Article.

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