COVID-19 vaccine export tips

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  Novel coronavirus vaccine – universal vaccination   ● novel coronavirus vaccine have you been vaccinated? Tips.01         Enterprise: what kind of novel coronavirus vaccine can be exported? One customs brother to answer ●   The vaccine approved by the State Administration for drug administration has not been approved by the State Administration for drug administration but has been approved by foreign authorities for emergency use, and the COVID-19 vaccine (including the vaccine raw fluid) approved by the relevant state departments and the COVID-19 vaccine for outbound clinical trials is allowed to export.

●   According to the announcement issued by the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of industry and information technology, the state health and Health Commission and the State Administration of drug administration on the announcement of a list of New Coronavirus vaccine products that can be exported to the outside world (Bulletin No.

thirteenth of the Ministry of Commerce 2021), the current Chinese medicine companies include Beijing company, Beijing Kexing Zhong Wei company, kangsino company, Four vaccines of Sinopharm Wuhan Institute of Biological Products Co., Ltd.

were included in the list.

The list will be dynamically adjusted according to the approval and listing of the State Food and drug administration.

Tips.02 enterprise: how to approve the export of Xinguan vaccine? Two customs brother to answer ●   The customs directly under the General Administration of Customs shall take the initiative to connect with enterprises and implement one-stop examination and approval of outbound vaccines in accordance with the requirements of the General Administration of customs.

Establish a liaison system and set up a special working group to provide enterprises with interpretation of customs policies and guidance on exit procedures; Appoint a special person to take charge, implement the “5 + 2” working system, and quickly handle the qualified exit application of novel coronavirus vaccine.

To guide the vaccine manufacturers to apply for health quarantine examination and approval in accordance with the regulations on health quarantine administration of entry and exit special articles, and check the relevant materials submitted by the enterprises in the approval and quarantine examination of the novel coronavirus virus vaccine.

Tips.03 enterprise: what should we pay attention to in the export declaration of Xinguan vaccine? Three customs brother to answer ●   The New Coronavirus vaccine is a special item supervised by the customs.

Before exporting, it must examine and approve the quarantine of special articles according to the customs regulations, and obtain the examination and approval list of health quarantine for entry and exit special articles.

●   Ensure the authenticity, accuracy and standardization of the data declared through the “single window”.

The customs shall conduct manual audit.

●   Make sure to fill in the name and code of the vaccine manufacturer, and fill in the No.

of the health quarantine approval form for entry and exit special articles in the remarks column of the customs declaration form.

The commodity name is “New Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine, the declaration form which has been assigned to the dosage or made into retail packaging” is declared according to the commodity encoding “3002.2000.11”, and the unit of measurement is declared according to the “branch” (code “012”).

The commodity name is “New Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine, the unspecified dose or retail package” declaration is made according to the commodity encoding “3002.2000.19”, and the unit of measurement is declared according to the “ascending” (code “095”) and the quantity specified in the remarks column is converted to “branch”.

Tips.04         Enterprise: how long will it take for the customs clearance of Xinguan vaccine? Four customs brother to answer ●   The customs subordinate to the place where the export vaccine enterprise is located shall issue an electronic ledger for the goods that have passed the manual examination and inspection, and inform the enterprise to declare to the port customs in time and go through the exit formalities.

●   The port customs has opened up a green channel to ensure the rapid inspection and release of exit vaccines.

On the premise of controllable risk, open up a green channel for enterprises with biosafety automatic control system, implement rapid inspection and release of novel coronavirus vaccines that meet the requirements, realize zero delay in customs clearance time, and continuously optimize the inspection mode according to the characteristics of vaccine cold chain storage and transportation to ensure vaccine safety.

●   For those who need to handle export inspection business on national legal rest days and holidays, the subordinate customs may implement the appointment system.

The enterprise shall disclose the appointment method and inform the enterprise that it shall submit an appointment application to the subordinate Customs on the working day before the appointment inspection date.

The subordinate customs shall organize and implement the inspection according to the enterprise’s reservation requirements after acceptance.

Small expansion: in June 2021, who has officially announced that China National Medicine and China Kexing Xinguan vaccine will be included in the “emergency use list”.

China will continue to contribute to the construction of a human health community!.