Does the novel coronavirus vaccine need a third shot?

On August 22, the economic daily published an article “do you want to take the third injection of Xinguan vaccine?”? When, The latest popular science and interpretation of the novel coronavirus vaccine booster needle are as follows: as of August 18, the number of vaccinations in China has exceeded 1.9 billion.

This round of local epidemic makes many people see the power of the mutant strain and want to know: do you want to take the third shot of the novel coronavirus vaccine? When can I get a third shot? Samples of New Coronavirus inactivated vaccine.

Photo by Zhang Yuwei (Xinhua News Agency): first, let’s see if it is necessary to take the booster injection of the novel coronavirus vaccine.

From the international situation, the world has entered a new round of infection peak, and a few developed countries such as the United States have approved the third dose of enhanced vaccine.

Israel has a high vaccination rate, with an adult vaccination rate of more than 80%.

However, due to the prevalence of delta mutant strain, the recent increasing number of cases in Israel has reached about 8000, and the severe protection rate of vaccine has decreased significantly.

At present, Israel has begun to provide the third injection of novel coronavirus vaccine to the elderly.

Whether the third needle is effective remains to be seen.

Paying close attention to the relevant data can provide reference for the formulation of public epidemic prevention policies in China.

From the perspective of domestic vaccines, Chinese people are mainly vaccinated with Sinopharm and Xinguan inactivated vaccine of Kexing.

Recently, both companies reported the clinical research results of the third vaccine.

The results showed that the third dose of vaccine had no serious adverse reactions and was still as safe as the first dose and the second dose; At the same time, after the third injection, the neutralizing antibody level of the subjects increased rapidly and significantly, which indicates that the protective effect of the vaccine may be greatly improved.

These preliminary studies show that the booster injection of the novel coronavirus vaccine is feasible.

But how about the third needle? For example, is the third injection a homologous vaccine or a heterologous vaccine? Is it inactivated vaccine, mRNA vaccine, recombinant protein vaccine or atomized adenovirus vector vaccine? These problems need to wait for the further research results of relevant experts.

Medical staff prepare for vaccination on the mobile vaccination vehicle.

Photo by Li Xin (Xinhua News Agency): secondly, let’s look at when the booster injection of the novel coronavirus vaccine should start.

When the booster injection is given is closely related to the progress of vaccination in China.

More people should be covered as far as possible, so that people without contraindications can complete the whole process of the first and second shots of vaccine as soon as possible.

As of August 18, the number of vaccinations in China had exceeded 1.9 billion.

If we want to achieve the whole process vaccination rate of 80% of the total population, we still need to complete about 356 million doses of vaccination.

According to the current vaccination quantity of 10 million doses per day, we can achieve the goal in more than a month.

If the target is changed to 90% of the population, it will take more than two months.

In the Xinguan vaccine production line of Anhui zhifeilong Kema biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the staff manually tested the vaccine.

Photo by Huang Bohan (Xinhua News Agency) from the vaccination time window, it is not necessary for ordinary people who have completed immunization within one year to receive booster injections; Whether to carry out booster vaccination for people with weak immune function and people engaged in high exposure risk occupations who have completed immunization for more than 6 to 12 months is under study in China.

Another prerequisite for the third injection is to fulfill the commitment of “providing 2 billion doses of new coronal vaccine to the world in 2021”.

At present, China has provided about 800 million doses of vaccine to more than 100 countries in the world, especially developing countries.

According to the latest production capacity data provided by different enterprises, the annual production capacity of Xinguan vaccine in China has reached about 7 billion doses, which is enough to meet the domestic vaccination demand and fulfill the commitment of taking Chinese vaccine as a global public product.

In short, there is no need to worry about the third injection of Xinguan vaccine.

The public can complete the first and second injections first, do a good job in daily protection, and patiently wait for relevant scientific research results and policy adjustments.

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