From 14 seconds can infect the novel coronavirus

Bodhidharma crosses the river with a reed.

What he talks about is not how powerful he is, but how small the power of truth is – how great the power of truth is.

You don’t need to work hard, struggle and sacrifice.

That’s a lie.

There was a video on the Internet.

Somewhere in Guangzhou, XX and XX went to the public toilet successively.

In just 14 seconds, one of them was infected by another.

Delta, it’s terrible! When you go out, you always have to go to the toilet.

If you go to the toilet, you will infect the novel coronavirus.

What should you do? Wait a minute, I call this kind of information “terrorist information”, which is specially used to disseminate terror.

Ask, isn’t it a matter of seconds for Xinguan infection and virus transmission? Isn’t it a spit? Don’t say 14 seconds.

One second can also be infected.

Isn’t that the moment? Who stipulates how many seconds you must stay together before you can be infected? Who stipulated it and who guaranteed it? When a soldier goes to the battlefield, he may not be hurt for a lifetime, and the other may be broken his head the first day.

What does this mean? All go home and the war is over? In our epidemic prevention and epidemic prevention, we need to talk about science and make clear the truth in it.

Is it a faucet, or a squatting pit, or an aerogel or a sneeze? Do not simply and generality “fear” or “frighten it”.

If we run a sentence, we will run away.

This side has not been poisoned by the virus, and the side has been scared to death by the virus.

We have so many ways to prevent infection before we are infected; After being infected, we still have so many ways to treat it.

The virus is so magical, so strange, so invincible and unstoppable.

We can only catch it at arm’s length.

What are we doing? To prevent and fight epidemic diseases, we should prevent and fight honestly, create tension and even panic, which is conducive to management.

It is true that ordinary people are timid.

When they hear that wind is rain, it is best to spread it ten, ten and a hundred.

It is best not to come out at home, but is that really “done”? First of all, the pressure is too great, the heart is too nervous, and the immune function is reduced.

The virus invasion should be easier and easier – it is equivalent to sending it to the door; Secondly, when the two armies meet, the brave wins.

You ignore the virus.

Does the virus ignore you? Once a virus occurs, it is only natural for us to survive.

We can only face it actively, actively and scientifically.

Panic is useless, although panic will be the first reaction of the vast majority of people – just because panic is the normal and first reaction of most people, we should be more vigilant against being used.

In some special periods in history, panic equals cohesion.

It has been proved time and again that panic is used to improve cohesion.

No matter who, for whatever purpose, creates panic, ordinary people should improve their ability to resist panic.

In particular, they should not develop the fear of virus into the fear of people and managers, and become slaughtered by others.

I saw a video yesterday and heard teacher Qian Liqun say “I’m not a master yet”.

I’m very pleased and touched.


Qian Liqun is an expert on Lu Xun brothers.

He has seen what kind of talents are called masters.

As far as human history is concerned, compared with some people, the cunning of elites and rulers, I hate the weakness and ignorance of the people, Q.

Who has done anything to improve people’s cognition and awakening, and to liberate them from self fooling and “being stupid alone is not as stupid as others” is good…

One or two masters can be born on the top of 110000 good people.

A master is neither a castle in the air nor an authority, but a real responsibility.

I think that only a thousand Qian Liqun teachers can give birth to a Lu Xun; Only ten thousand doctors Zhang Wenhong can give birth to one.

Well, do you have to say Chinese, one so and so! Panic may bring temporary peace, but it will never bring victory.

2021-8-11   Yu TA Xiao..