Heavy hammer! The source of COVID-19’s proliferation is the US blood project.

On December 30, 2019, Wuhan Health Commission of China reported the discovery of “unknown pneumonia epidemic”.

The next day, experts from the National Health Commission arrived in China for investigation.

On the same day, who received the epidemic notification from China and began to instruct the health departments of many countries to pay attention to the epidemic…

However, it was unexpected that the “honesty” and “honesty” on the last day of 2019 caused endless criticism and criticism for China in the future! The United States has become the initiator of the “political virus” launched against China all over the world.

I thought, as the biggest victim of this “political virus”, China is doomed to be unable to argue…

Fortunately, heaven has eyes! In the early morning of July 31, 2021, Beijing time, the number of Network Co signatures of the “request to investigate the fort Detrick biological laboratory in the United States” initiated by the global times officially exceeded 20 million.

As of 15:00 on August 1 when Rong Ping wrote here, the total number of joint signatures has reached 23.45 million! Of course, it is not just the Chinese who are eager to participate in this “joint investigation appeal”.

On the “English voting” page, foreign netizens from all over the world also enthusiastically participated in this joint activity.

Even during the whole event, the joint server was often caught in a jam because it was repeatedly attacked by a network from an American IP address…

In front of the truth, Americans were afraid! China’s grievances have snowed, and the United States is coming to an end! Since China’s new China covid-19 outbreak, the US government has repeatedly slandered China on several occasions, and has used its network of public opinion and government power to incite and spread “hatred China sentiment” all over the world, and has launched numerous political conspiracy schemes jointly launched by several countries, including “novel coronavirus claims to China”.

Its core logic is only one: because China is the first country in the world to report COVID-19’s existence, because China is the first country in the world to carry out a novel coronavirus epidemic.

Therefore, China is the “source country of COVID-19”, so China should be responsible for COVID-19, which is popular in the world, and even apologize.

Undoubtedly, looking back from today’s perspective, such American “logic” is extremely ridiculous.

However, when we went back to the beginning of last year.

When China with unreasonable demands casual visitor to China’s health system and virology, it is so weak when science is rigorous and rational, and it is unhelpful to face the uneasy and contemptuous disagreement from the United States.

At that time, in the face of strange viruses, we listed bats as the culprit! At that time, faced with the accusation that the US led many accusations, China, which had been scarred by the unexplained epidemic, could only emphasize that “COVID-19 is the misfortune of all mankind and refused to politicize all forms of epidemic”.

However, the Anti China political group led by the United States does not intend to let us go! At that time, when China successfully curbed China’s domestic epidemic situation, the massive anti epidemic personnel support, the unreserved experience of anti epidemic experience, and the principle of non politicization of anti epidemic materials always adhered to, making one country after another gradually sink into the haze of COVID-19, and gradually made the world recognize China.

The Western Anti China political group with the White House as the core has set off such a big conspiracy of “laboratory virus manufacturing theory” all over the world without a bottom line! The United States wants to kill China as a “global public enemy”.

China, is it dead? Facts have proved that barbarism may be brave for a while, but science will eventually overcome barbarism! In March 2020, Giuseppe remuzzi, director of the Institute of pharmacology of Mario Negri in Italy and an Italian medical expert, said in an interview with NPR: some doctors saw a strange pneumonia in December or even November last year, which is very serious, especially for the elderly.

This means that before the outbreak in China, the virus may have been prevalent in the northern region of Lombardi, Italy.

It turned out that Giuseppe ramuzzi did not lie.

In early January 2021, an international team led by University of Milan in Italy published a report in the British Journal of dermatology.

The team found the COVID-19 gene sequence in the biopsies collected and sealed from November 10, 2019.

Of course, November 2019 is far from the earliest appearance time of the new Italian crown “patient 0”.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was successfully discovered and isolated in the blood samples collected from residents in October 2019 in Milan, Italy, China, as early as last November 15, 2020, when the National Cancer Institute of Milan had already detected the novel coronavirus virus antibody before the name of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic.

Considering that it takes at least two weeks for a person to produce virus antibodies, the researchers concluded that as early as September 2019, COVID-19 had begun to spread in Italy.

It is worth mentioning that in November last year, the whole western world and even the who expressed skepticism about the “results” of this surprise        —— In response to the “clarification request” of who, the reliability of this time point was also confirmed again.

The blood samples of Italian residents collected in the same batch from early October 2019 were sent to Siena laboratory in Italy and Erasmus University in the Netherlands for re testing under the designation of who.

In July 2021, the two test results were released: in October 2019, 3 samples of COVID-19 blood samples were positive in Italy residents’ blood samples.

Of course, compared with the previous calculation based on the production of novel coronavirus antibody by the National Cancer Institute of Italy, the time point adopted by who in the secondary test results in July conservatively locked the occurrence time of “patient zero” in Italy to October 2019.

In this regard, the major European and American media that had previously expressed “serious doubt” finally chose to accept it.

In the report, the Mirror newspaper pointed out that after two tests, blood samples from Italy had killed 6 COVID-19 samples, of which 4 samples could be traced back to October 2019.

According to the US Washington Post, the two test results from Italy are not the first evidence that COVID-19 has been spreading around the world in the first few months before China issued an alert to the new disease.

In November 2019 and December, researchers discovered antibodies against the novel coronavirus virus in France.

The facts are irrefutable! The first case of “unknown pneumonia” in China appeared in Wuhan, China on December 8, 2019.

At this time, at least two months have passed since the emergence of “patient zero” in Italy..