Heavy! Linyi novel coronavirus vaccination has changed greatly!

     Click the blue word above   To know more educational information, according to the unified deployment of Linyi Province, all the counties in August 9th started the vaccination work for the 12-14 year old population, according to the notice of the provincial leading group (command) on the issuance of the COVID-19 vaccination guidance scheme for the 12-17 year old population in Shandong province (Luzhi Zhi Fa [2021] 165), combined with the reality of our city.

The municipal Party committee Co ordinating the epidemic prevention and control and economic operation task force (command) issued the “COVID-19 vaccine guidance scheme for 12-14 year olds in Linyi”:   According to the unified deployment of the province, the 12-14 year old population has been included in the target population of the novel coronavirus virus vaccine.

According to the principle of territorial management, convenient access, informed consent and the safe and steady advance of the age group, the city will   Start in early August   Vaccination for people aged 12-14.

The vaccination of COVID-19, aged 12-14, was accompanied by the guardian to the inoculation site.

The same as below, the guardian should sign the informed consent before inoculation.

If there is no guardian, the guardian shall entrust other adults (signing the power of attorney) to accompany, and provide the informed consent signed by the guardian.

Within 24 hours after vaccination, the school shall cooperate with the guardian to do a good job of health monitoring to avoid acting alone and unattended.

Q1 vaccination population and schedule at present, Linyi has carried out Xinguan vaccination for people aged 15-17 and 12-14.

15-17 years old: from August 1 to 12-14 years old: from August 9, the first dose of vaccination is expected to be completed in August, and the whole course of vaccination can be completed in September.

Q2 vaccination site arrangement for school students: the specific vaccination arrangement shall be guided by the competent department and notified by the school.

Non school population: community organizations or individuals make an appointment for vaccination.

Q3 what vaccines can be vaccinated at present? At present, Linyi is using the COVID-19 inactivated vaccine produced and packaged by the national biological Department of China biological Beijing biological products research institute, limited liability company (Beijing Biology) and Beijing Kexing Zhongwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd., approved by the relevant national departments.

The whole process needs to be inoculated with 2 doses.

The inoculation interval between the 2 doses is recommended to be ≥ 3 weeks.

The second dose should be completed as soon as possible within 8 weeks of the first dose.

Q4 how safe and effective is the novel coronavirus vaccine for minors? The clinical trial data showed that the antibody conversion rate and antibody level of the COVID-19 vaccine approved by the China biological Beijing biological products research institute limited liability company and Beijing Kexing Zhong Wei Sheng Technology Co., Ltd.

were similar to those of adults in the 3-17 year old group, and the safety was good after vaccination.

Q5 adverse reactions and treatment of COVID-19 vaccine after the occurrence of common adverse reactions and other widely used vaccines are basically similar, most of them are general reactions, mainly manifested as the site of redness, induration, pain and other local reactions, fever, fatigue, headache and other systemic reactions.

Usually, this kind of reaction will disappear automatically over time without special treatment.

The second dose can be inoculated as usual.

Others are allergic to vaccine ingredients.

If they are inoculated with first doses of COVID-19 vaccine, there will be acute anaphylaxis, neurovascular edema, dyspnea and other serious reactions, or other circumstances that are taboo of vaccination.

It is not recommended to inoculate second doses.

Q6 what vaccines can be vaccinated at present? Minor vaccination needs attention: guardians accompany their guardians and children’s identification documents throughout the entire process.

They should wear masks throughout the whole period.

Attention should be paid to personal protection before vaccination: guardians need to know the knowledge of COVID-19 disease and COVID-19 vaccination, and bring relevant identity documents (ID card or residence booklet) to children.

Before vaccination, avoid fasting and fatigue of children, and remind children to wear loose clothes on the same day for vaccination.

Arrival at the vaccination site: truthfully inform the vaccination doctor of the health status and vaccination taboos of the recipient, and the guardian shall sign the informed consent after passing the doctor’s evaluation.

After vaccination: stay on the site for 30 minutes under the escort of the guardian, and leave only after confirming that there is no abnormality; If you feel unwell during the observation, you must inform the doctor in time.

After returning home: the guardian should pay attention to the child’s condition.

If the child has adverse health conditions, he should report to the vaccination unit and seek medical treatment in time; Children should eat light food within 1 week to avoid overwork and vigorous exercise.

The latest vaccination sites and consultation telephone numbers of counties and districts are announced as follows 👇 Luozhuang District, Lanshan District, Hedong District, Yinan County, Tancheng County, Yishui County, Lanling County, Fei County, Pingyi County, Junan County, Mengyin County, Linshu County, high tech Zone source: temporary newspaper financial media, Linyi disease control..