Hubei novel coronavirus Pneumonia Control novel coronavirus pneumonia emergency prevention and control of emergency

The novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia is highly loaded, highly spread and spread rapidly, and the number of people is increasing.

The risk of epidemic spreading is very large.

Now, we should make prompt suggestions for the prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia: 1.

reduce the flow of personnel, do not need to save the Province, do not need to go out of the market, do not need to go out of the city, and do not need to be located in the middle and high risk area.


Strictly control gathering activities.

In principle, large-scale gathering activities are not held.

If they are really necessary, they shall be reported to the epidemic prevention and control headquarters above the county level for approval.


Masks must be worn when entering and leaving all kinds of public places.

Cultural, leisure and entertainment places shall implement current restriction, code inspection and temperature measurement, and the indoor shall be ventilated regularly.

Tourist attractions shall implement flow restriction, reservation, peak staggering and code checking, and do not invite or organize personnel from the location of medium and high-risk areas to visit Hubei.

Shopping malls and fairs shall be disinfected and ventilated regularly.


Strengthen community management and control, and timely investigate and apply for registration of foreign personnel and personnel returning to Hubei.

Clean and disinfect the community.


Strict closed-loop control measures shall be implemented for overseas personnel returning to Hubei and personnel returning to Hubei from medium and high risk areas in accordance with relevant regulations.


All railway stations, bus stations, airports, docks and highway exits shall implement code inspection and temperature measurement, and set up 24-hour nucleic acid certificate inspection points; Check the nucleic acid certificate of the personnel coming to and returning to Hubei where the medium and high-risk areas are located.

If the certificate cannot be provided, nucleic acid sampling shall be carried out on site and closed-loop health management shall be implemented.


Strengthen the standardized management of the hospital and strictly implement various measures for the prevention and control of hospital infection.


Nursing homes, prisons and other special places shall be subject to closed management according to relevant regulations.


Vaccination should be accelerated in an all-round way.

Those who meet the vaccination conditions should take the initiative to vaccinate Xinguan vaccine and build a national immunization barrier.

Please do not believe or spread rumors, consciously abide by the epidemic prevention and control regulations, maintain good hygiene habits, wash hands frequently, keep ventilated, do not gather, maintain a safe social distance, master health knowledge and do a good job in personal protection.

If you have discomfort symptoms such as fever and cough, please take the initiative to report to the community and seek medical treatment in a regular medical institution in time under the condition of personal protection.

Relevant departments should maintain market order, ensure material supply and ensure the daily needs of citizens.

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