Important notice of Chuzhou novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control emergency command office!

Important notice to the general public: since mid July, our city has concentrated on the first dose of Xinguan vaccine for people aged 12-17.

At present, 226000 people have been vaccinated, and the first dose of Xinguan vaccine has been basically completed.

According to the vaccination plan, from August 11, 2021, the vaccination plan of the whole city will be adjusted to the first dose of vaccination for people over 18 years old and the second and third doses of vaccination for people who have been vaccinated for the first dose on time, and centralized vaccination for people aged 12-17 years old will not be arranged.

The first dose of vaccination for people over 12 years old shall be completed before August 31, and the second and third doses of centralized vaccination shall be changed from September 1.

Recently, as the vaccine is still in a “tight balance”, in order to ensure the orderly promotion of Xinguan vaccine vaccination in the city, the relevant matters are notified as follows:   1.

If the people aged 12-17 have not been vaccinated for the first time, please bring their children with them and their relevant ID cards (ID card and household register), and complete the first vaccination at the nearest vaccination point as soon as possible.


Citizens who are willing to be vaccinated but have not registered for the first dose of vaccination, please go to their unit, community neighborhood committee or village committee to complete the registration as soon as possible and wait for the notification of vaccination from the community and unit.


Each vaccination site will notify the vaccinated objects by telephone, SMS or community and unit notice according to the number of vaccines.

Please pay attention to check.

Please carry your ID card after receiving the vaccination notice, and be sure to go to the designated vaccination point for vaccination according to the notified time period.


If you are vaccinated with Beijing biology (including Changchun biology and Chengdu Biology) or Beijing Kexing inactivated vaccine, and you have not received the vaccination appointment message for more than 42 days after the second dose, please take the initiative to the original vaccination site with your ID card to complete the second dose as soon as possible.


If you are vaccinated with Anhui zhifeilong Kema recombinant vaccine, and the second and third doses have reached the vaccination time, please go to the first vaccination point with your ID card and complete the second and third doses as soon as possible.


The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control situation is still grim and complicated.

Please ask the general public to strictly observe the requirements of normalization prevention and control at the vaccination site, arrange the line with the staff arrangement, maintain the safe distance of the “one meter line” and standardize the wearing of respirators..