Is COVID-19 introduced into Europe by the US Army? The United States owes the world an explanation

While the United States continues to treat the problem of virus traceability in the way of political poisoning, it cannot choose itself.

The full text is 1764 words and takes about 3.5 minutes to read   Special contributor Xu Lifan (columnist)   Editor Xu Qiuying   Proofreading   Wu Xingfa’s latest news from the US world news network says that the source of COVID-19’s spread may be traced back to Fort Fort Worth.

It is understood that the U.S.

military “armed forces virus blood” project is responsible for transporting blood from Washington and Fort De to U.S.

Air Force bases in Italy and England every two weeks.

In a transportation after 2018, there may be a protection vulnerability, bringing the virus into Italy and other countries.

The civilian volunteers who entered the US military base in Italy may have become the earliest victims.

  Earlier this month, British and American media reported that two laboratories in Italy and Holland re examined a small number of blood samples collected before the outbreak of the novel coronavirus outbreak, and found antibodies that were usually found in people infected with the novel coronavirus virus.

  The combination of the two reports fitted a COVID-19’s time line and transmission line through the US blood project from Fort De to Europe.

  ▲ at the regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on July 30, Zhao Lijian said that the number of joint signatures calling on who to investigate Fort Detrick had exceeded 20 million.

Video source: Xinhua News Agency ━━━━━━ suspected infection occurred in Italy in September 2019   According to the British mirror and the US Washington Post, a Italy researcher published last November’s paper that 111 of the 959 people who had lung cancer screening tested positive for COVID-19 antibody.

The earliest samples were collected in the first week of October 2019, indicating that they were infected at least in September 2019.

  The World Health Organization then intervened, and the samples were sent to laboratories in Italy and the Netherlands for re examination by different methods.

The re examination results again confirmed the conclusions reached in the Italian paper.

Two laboratories re examined 29 original samples and control samples, and COVID-19 antibodies were observed in the original samples.

Moreover, the samples of antibodies detected by both laboratories were first collected in October 2019.

  Giovanni Apolone, head of science at the National Cancer Institute in Milan, Italy, said the results showed that the novel coronavirus virus in Italy is likely to have spread within a certain limit as early as the recognized time point.

  ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━94   According to the world news network of the United States, the epidemic prevention loophole in Debao is shocking.

  These loopholes include outsourcing medical waste to low qualified companies.

In April 2018, in order to save costs, Debao closed the incinerator for the treatment of medical waste and handed over the medical waste including “biological weapons” to Curtis Bay medical waste service company in Baltimore, Maryland for destruction.

The company has a number of violation records, and its plant in Virginia has been fined hundreds of thousands of dollars by the State Department of environmental quality.

  Like Curtis Bay medical waste services, delberg also has a number of operational violations.

If the surface of the laboratory building is not sealed; Base employees enter non primate laboratories without wearing any protective equipment.

Therefore, it is difficult to rule out the possibility of cross species virus infection among U.S.

military personnel in Fort De.

  The United States has refused to disclose more internal details of Debao on the grounds of confidentiality.

The US media have quoted the freedom of information act to ask for the investigation report of the US CDC, but many key contents have been deleted.

  In January 2020, Colonel Dexter nanali, the garrison commander of Fort De, publicly admitted that the army and its laboratories had been unable to control “materials from use to destruction” for many years before the construction of a new incinerator.

  Fort De is one of the blood collection points of the U.S.

armed forces blood project (ASBP), mainly to ensure the blood supply of U.S.

troops stationed abroad.

The blood is packaged by cold chain and flies to American bases in Europe every two weeks.

  Illegal operation, blood collection, cold chain transportation and regular flight indeed constitute all conditions for virus transmission.

  ▲ on July 22, foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian urged the US side to give an explanation on Fort Detrick at a regular press conference.

Photo source: Xinhua News Agency ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━94   If the above chain reported by the media is established, the time of suspected novel coronavirus infection cases in the United States should be no later than the suspected infection cases in Italy in September 2019.

And some evidence does point to this inference.

  The US media reported that in November 2019, mayor of Baer Ville, New Jersey, had infected COVID-19, which was more than two months earlier than the first confirmed case reported by the United States.

  Besides, China’s 171 novel coronavirus pneumonia patients in Florida did not have a history of Chinese travel.

  China has been leading China covid-19 to the Chinese market as a bargaining chip for China since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

However, the early investigations of the three US intelligence agencies did not draw an effective conclusion.

One intelligence agency is more inclined to the hypothesis that the virus is leaked from the laboratory, while the other two intelligence agencies are more inclined to support the view that the virus is naturally produced and transmitted.

  To this end, in May 26th of this year, President Biden ordered the US intelligence unit to complete the COVID-19 origin report within 90 days and to draw conclusions on whether COVID-19 originated from animal or laboratory leakage.

  According to the procedure, Biden should first receive a 45 day interim report on the progress of the investigation in mid July.

But so far, the United States has not made a big fuss about the interim report, which is thought-provoking.

  Up to now, the United States has always owed the world an explanation from the doubtful points of early U.S.

virus infection cases to delberg.

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