Jingmen novel coronavirus pneumonia daily report (August 17, 2021)

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in 3 cases (according to the current address statistics, 3 cases were cut in August 16, 2021), 0 to 24 in August 16, 2021.

There were 0 NEW asymptomatic infections in the city.

Since August 4, 2021, 42 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases have been reported in our city (according to the current address statistics, 6 cases in Dongbao District, 35 cases in knife area, 1 cases in Zhanghe New District), 15 cases of asymptomatic infection exist (according to the present address statistics, 1 cases in Dongbao District, 14 cases in knife area), 0 cases were discharged, 0 cases died, and 57 cases were observed in isolation and treatment in hospital.

Since August 4, 2021, the city has tracked 3978 close contacts and 5384 secondary close contacts of confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections, a total of 9362 people, all of which have been subject to isolated medical observation; In addition, 10 confirmed cases from other provinces and cities are closely connected, and they are under centralized isolation medical observation.

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