Jingmen novel coronavirus pneumonia daily report (August 9, 2021)

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in 1 cases in August 8, 2021 from 0 to 24 in the city.

There were 0 NEW asymptomatic infections, 0 transferred to diagnosis and 0 released from isolation.

Since August 4th, novel coronavirus pneumonia has been reported in 8 cases, 0 cases have been discharged, 0 cases died, and 8 cases have been treated in the hospital.

Since August 4, the city has tracked 946 close contacts of confirmed cases in this round, and all of them have implemented centralized isolation medical observation; In addition, 5 confirmed cases from other provinces and 1 imported case from other provinces are under centralized isolation medical observation.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 936 cases as of 24 August 8, 2021, and 887 cases were discharged, 41 cases died and 8 cases were treated in the hospital.

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