Latest | novel coronavirus vaccination taboo

The latest crown vaccination taboo everyone’s physical condition is different.

There are many questions about the novel coronavirus vaccination.

Do you meet the vaccination conditions? In fact, it is not so complex.

Vaccination can be carried out without the following conditions: first, suspension of vaccination 1.

Fever (axillary temperature ≥ 37.3c) caused by any reason (cold, wound infection, local inflammation) 2.

Acute attack of gout, severe cold, myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction and other diseases.


Patients with malignant tumors are undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy before and after surgery.


Patients with uncontrolled epilepsy and other serious nervous system diseases (such as transverse myelitis, Guillain Barre syndrome, demyelinating disease, etc.).


The novel coronavirus vaccine is not recommended to be vaccinated at the same time as other vaccines.

The vaccination interval between other vaccines and novel coronavirus vaccine shall be greater than 14 days.


Those injected with human immunoglobulin shall be vaccinated with this vaccine at least one month to avoid affecting the immune effect.


Vaccination shall be suspended under the age of 18 and adjusted according to national policies.

2、 Failure to vaccinate 1.

Persons with severe allergic reactions (such as acute allergic reaction, vascular neurogenic water arsine, dyspnea, etc.) after previous vaccination.


For those allergic to vaccine ingredients and excipients, the excipients of inactivated novel coronavirus vaccine mainly include disodium hydrogen phosphate, sodium argon, sodium dihydrogen phosphate and aluminum hydroxide.


Acute attack of chronic diseases or patients with uncontrolled severe chronic diseases 4.


3、 Other situations 1.

It is recommended to complete the vaccination with the same vaccine product 2.

Two doses of inactivated vaccine shall be vaccinated, two doses shall be vaccinated within 21-56 days, and replanting shall be carried out as soon as possible after 56 days《 Novel coronavirus vaccination contraindication   forty-two   Q: how to do well in personal protection? Latest tips from China CDC..