Latest bulletin! There were 101 COVID-19 infections in Zhengzhou, of which 16 were confirmed and 85 were asymptomatic.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control news conference announced in Zhengzhou that since the first asymptomatic infection was found in Zhengzhou in July 30th, as of today (August 4th) 18, 101 people in Zhengzhou have been infected with COVID-19, of which 16 cases were confirmed (1 in urban area and 15 in 27 districts, including 13 light persons and 3 ordinary persons), 85 cases without asymptomatic infection.

As of 16:00 this afternoon, 11.18 million people had been sampled in the first round of nucleic acid testing in Zhengzhou, and all the testing tasks had been completed.

At present, in addition to the initial single collection and single test screening of 2 infected persons, the first round of full staff nucleic acid testing has screened 99 confirmed cases and asymptomatic infected persons.

Since 15:00 on August 3, the second round of nucleic acid testing for all staff in Erqi District has been started.

As of 18:00 this afternoon, a total of 885000 people have been sampled, 687000 people have been tested, and the results are negative.

Zhengzhou adjusted three times to expand the scope of the sealed area! A total of 784700 people were involved! Based on the division of closed area, sealed area and prevention and control area on July 30, Zhengzhou adjusted and expanded the scope of sealed area three times on August 2, August 3 and August 4 according to the distribution of newly discovered cases.

There are 661800 people in 108 communities of 12 sub district offices in Erqi District, 122900 people in 22 communities of 4 sub district offices in Guancheng District, and a total of 784700 people in the two districts.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control center in Zhengzhou was 100%.

The conference was held on the conference.

Xu Xuegong, President of Zhengzhou Municipal Hospital of Chinese medicine, answered the reporter’s questions on the prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Zhengzhou.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, novel coronavirus pneumonia, novel coronavirus pneumonia technical guidance group of Zhengzhou City, according to the novel coronavirus pneumonia TCM prevention plan announced by the Henan provincial health and Health Committee, has developed two prescriptions for adult medicine and child medication for the first time, and has sent TCM teams to the Qishan Hospital of the new diagnosed patients diagnosed with novel coronavirus pneumonia, the Xu Xuegong group has been released.

Ensure that Chinese herbal decoction participates in the diagnosis and treatment of each patient.

Up to now, 9000 doses of traditional Chinese medicine formula granules have been allocated to Zhengzhou Sixth People’s Hospital and qiboshan hospital.

The utilization rate of traditional Chinese medicine decoction for confirmed patients, asymptomatic infections and suspected cases in designated hospitals has reached 100%, and the utilization rate of preventive traditional Chinese medicine in centralized isolation points has reached 100%.

In addition, the use of preventive drugs of traditional Chinese medicine has been widely promoted among medical workers, closed areas, and even communities and towns in other non closed areas, so as to comprehensively contribute to epidemic prevention and control.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia municipal government novel coronavirus pneumonia will be held in Zhengzhou next year.

In order to prevent and control the epidemic, 4 key tasks will be carried out in Zhengzhou next year.

The third press conference will be held at the press office of the Zhengzhou Municipal People’s government.

The Deputy Secretary General of the Zhengzhou municipal government will inform Li Huifang about the epidemic prevention and control of the novel coronavirus pneumonia in Zhengzhou.

At the press conference, Li Huifang focused on the key work in the next step.

First, speed up the progress of flow regulation.

Quickly identify key personnel, ensure that no one is left out and everyone falls to the ground, and form a closed loop of prevention and control.

Focus on improving the flow regulation speed and quality of confirmed cases, lock the close contacts and secondary close contacts at the first time, and implement centralized isolation measures in strict accordance with standards and specifications.

Second, improve the quality of nucleic acid detection.

Coordinate the forces and resources of all parties, further improve the nucleic acid detection ability, improve the detection quality and efficiency, and do a good job in the second round of nucleic acid detection for all staff.

Third, strengthen social control.

In combination with the nucleic acid test results of the whole staff, timely adjust the control level of key areas and expand the control scope.

Strictly implement the management and control measures for crowded places such as public transport, markets and shopping malls, and strictly implement the inspection of health codes.

Continue to strictly control the outbound traffic stops and checkpoints to ensure that you don’t leave Zheng unless necessary.

Fourth, do a good job in ensuring supply in the market.

Quickly start the emergency mechanism for market prevention and control, material supply and overall allocation, support and help the leading enterprises and market parties under the jurisdiction to overcome various difficulties, actively organize the supply of goods, do a good job in the connection of origin, establish a green channel, and reserve agricultural and sideline products with an inventory of more than 2 weeks, so as to ensure sufficient market supply and stable price in the whole city during the epidemic prevention and control period.

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