Looking for new contacts! Hunan issued emergency reminders!

Peak summer trips, frequent personnel exchanges, and global COVID-19 are still at a high level.

Recently, local COVID-19 has appeared in many regions of China.

The situation of epidemic prevention and control is still grim and complicated.

Forenoon, novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control news conference was held in Nanjing on July 27th morning, and the latest situation of epidemic prevention and control was announced.

It is reported that the virus strain causing the epidemic is delta strain.

What is the delta strain? Delta strain is currently one of the most important strains in the global epidemic.

From the previous epidemic situation, this strain has some new characteristics.

It has enhanced adaptability to the body and spread faster.

Then, it has a high load of the virus, a long treatment time and is easy to develop into severe disease.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia positive people in Dalian and Chengdu have found that COVID-19 infected people have activity track in Hunan city.

The specific information is as follows: the activity of COVID-19 infected persons in Hunan Province.

In July 27th, the Hunan CDC released a notice on the investigation and health management of 3 new cases of asymptomatic pneumonia in Dalian.

After investigation, the three people had a history of living in Zhangjiajie and Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture from July 17 to 24: on July 17, they took flight mf8058 from Dalian Zhoushuizi Airport (10:49) to Nanjing Lukou Airport (12:16); From Lukou Airport (14:26), through gate 177, take Jixiang Airlines h01753 to Zhangjiajie (15:48).

Take a taxi to Crowne Plaza Wulingyuan and eat at the impression salamander banquet hotel that night; After dinner, we went to runjiarun famous store to buy fruit and liangpin store to shop.

On July 18, Didi took a taxi to Tianmen Mountain (8:24) in the morning, and then went to the pot dishes in the stockade (checkout at 18:09); After the meal, go to liangpin shop and green leafy fruit (18:34).

July 19: visit Baofeng Lake in the morning and shop in the original Hall of Baofeng Lake (13:25-14:19); Have dinner in Gaoyun snack post restaurant (check out at 16:08), go back to Wulingyuan Genli convenience shopping center, Lvhang fruit industry and LVYE fruit shopping after having a rest in the hotel.

July 20: in the morning (9:11), visit Zhangjiajie National Forest Park (sign gate), have lunch at KFC (scenic spot) for about 20 minutes (12:38), and then have dinner at the bowl dishes in the stockade (check out at 18:38).

July 21: in the morning (9:53), go to the South Gate of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park; Go back to the hotel to rest after playing (14:07).

July 22: in the morning (10:50), go to the Grand Canyon and return to the hotel (15:22); Go to the impression salamander banquet Hotel (15:56), watch the performance in charming Xiangxi (17:25) after dinner, and walk back to the hotel.

July 23: take a taxi from the hotel to the ancient city of Phoenix (13:12).

July 24: take a taxi from Fenghuang county to Guizhou Tongren Fenghuang airport at 20:18.

A novel coronavirus pneumonia case in Changsha was reported in Dalian in from July 19th to 20th, when the city of Changsha was informed in July 27th.

The object’s long track notice is as follows: at 21:44 on July 19, take train Z13 (carriage 03) from Zhengzhou railway station.

July 20: at 6:45, he arrived at Changsha railway station and did not leave the station.

He directly transferred from platform 4 to platform 5 to k9226 train (carriage 03); At 7:24, he left for Zhangjiajie.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Chengdu reported 3 cases in July 28th, 1 cases were male, 34 years old, Chengdu health protection committee reported on July 28th, at 24 in July 27, 2021.

Case 2, female, 33 years old; Case 3, male, 7 years old, is a family of three.

He has visited Changde, Zhangjiajie and other places.

July 17: take flight ca8581 from Chengdu Tianfu airport to Changsha Huanghua Airport, and arrive in Zhangjiajie via Changsha and Huaihua on July 18 and 19.

July 20-22: visit Zhangjiajie, Tianmen Mountain Forest Park, Grand Canyon and other places.

July 23 and 24: travel in Changde City.

Take flight mu9886 from Taohuayuan Airport of Changde to Chengdu Tianfu airport on July 25.

After receiving the notification, Hunan immediately sent a provincial expert group to the scene to guide the prevention and control work.

The local government quickly launched epidemiological investigation and carried out accurate control, expanded nucleic acid detection, implemented terminal disinfection, and carried out health management for relevant close contacts and secondary close contacts.

As of 15:00 on July 27, 2021, a total of 211 close contacts and 239 secondary close contacts had been screened in Zhangjiajie City and Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture, all of which had been isolated, and the first nucleic acid test was negative.

Hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, milk tea shops, photo studios and other epidemic related places have been sealed and disinfected.

17234 people in the sealed area were sampled for nucleic acid, 36 were in the external environment, and 16019 of them were negative.

Other test results are pending.

Zhangjiajie: control of some high-risk population involved in the epidemic.

In July 28th, the headquarters office of New Coronavirus infection prevention and control in Zhangjiajie city of New Coronavirus issued the circular on the control of the July 22nd evening charm of the audience in Liaoning: 3 cases of asymptomatic infection were diagnosed in July 26th in Dalian City, Liaoning province.

One asymptomatic infected person and other cases in Dalian diagnosed on July 27 have track intersection in time and space, and jointly point to the charming Xiangxi theater in Zhangjiajie on the evening of July 22.

After evaluation, all the audience in the first scene (18:00-19:00) in charming Xiangxi on the evening of July 22 belong to high-risk groups.

The personnel control requirements of the Ministry are hereby notified as follows: 1.

Please immediately report to the local community (Village) or disease control institution to cooperate with the implementation of centralized isolation and nucleic acid detection prevention and control measures.


For the health and safety of you and your family and the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control, please pay attention to the release of official authorities, do not believe, spread or spread rumors, and actively cooperate in epidemic prevention and control.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was found in 1 cases of asymptomatic infection in Wuling District of Changde on July 27th.

The Wuling District Center for Disease Control and prevention received a report from residents, Zhang said that her family had had contact with Chengdu confirmed cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia.

After receiving the report, Wuling District immediately entered an emergency state and carried out epidemic situation disposal.

Preliminary verification, asymptomatic infected Zhou, Zhang’s wife, 36 years old.

On July 23 and 24, we had confirmed cases with Chengdu (Zhangjiajie tourism often later), and had a history of contact during the regular activities.

On the evening of July 27, Wuling District Center for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a nucleic acid test.

The preliminary screening result was positive.

Changde Center for Disease Control and prevention rechecked it as positive.

After diagnosis by the expert group, it was determined that it was asymptomatic infection.

Now it has been transferred to the designated hospital for isolation treatment.

Zhou’s husband Zhang and son all tested negative.

Wuling District carried out epidemiological investigation overnight on July 27, and carried out environmental and personnel nucleic acid detection and comprehensive disinfection in key places such as the community where the infected people lived, Sheraton Hotel and blueberry training center.

As of 6:00 on July 28, 447 close contacts and key groups have been identified, key areas have been designated according to Zhou’s activity track, and control measures have been implemented.

Changsha public places will check health codes on the night of July 27th, important announcement of Changsha New Coronavirus pneumonia prevention command headquarters office..