Notice] novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work in Zhijin County

Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and Control Office of Zhijin leading group office to make good announcement on current prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation   Recently, the local epidemic caused by overseas import has spread to many provinces and cities, the medium and high-risk areas in the country continue to increase, and the situation of epidemic prevention and control is very serious.

In addition, the current summer vacation has increased the round-trip flow of personnel, and the risk of epidemic spread has further increased.

In order to effectively control and reduce the risk of COVID-19’s transmission and do a good job in the prevention and control of epidemic situation in our county and ensure the health and safety of the people in the county, the relevant matters are announced as follows:   1、 This round of epidemic situation is mainly caused by delta mutant strain, which has the characteristics of fast transmission, rapid replication in vivo and long negative conversion time.

At the same time, due to the unique variation of delta strain, its transmission power is greatly enhanced, which poses a greater challenge to the current prevention and control work.

Therefore, it is suggested that the masses should not go out of the province if necessary in the near future, and those outside should not return to the county if necessary; If you must go to or return to the county, please do a good job in personal protection throughout the process, and do not go to crowded places.

The staff of Party and government organs, enterprises and institutions at all levels in the county should take the lead and reduce unnecessary travel.

Travel agencies are not allowed to organize personnel to travel to overseas and domestic medium and high-risk areas, and are not allowed to receive domestic personnel from medium and high-risk areas to organize tourism.

  2、 The incoming (returning) weavers who have reported the city (prefecture) residence history of local positive infected persons in recent 14 days must hold the negative certificate of nucleic acid test within 48 hours and the negative certificate of nucleic acid test within 24-48 hours after arriving in Guizhou.

If there is no relevant certificate, they need to go to the designated medical institution for nucleic acid test immediately, and then conduct nucleic acid test again at an interval of 24-48 hours, If the result is negative, they can flow orderly on the premise of personal protection, but they should try to avoid going to crowded places, participating in gathering activities and taking rural passenger cars, buses and other public transport.

  3、 We advocate that the masses reduce unnecessary gathering activities and do not go to personnel intensive places, especially closed places, family gatherings and meals.

It is suggested to limit the number of people to less than 10.

In principle, all social organizations and units shall not hold various large-scale activities with more than 50 people; In principle, all kinds of commercial institutions do not hold offline large-scale gathering exhibitions, promotions and other activities; All religious sites shall suspend all kinds of religious activities; All chess and card rooms in the county (including funeral parlors) are closed; During the epidemic prevention and control period, the cadres and the masses consciously postpone the wedding and simplify the funeral, and do not do other kinds of banquet.

The wedding and other activities that really need to be handled should be strictly approved on the basis of careful risk assessment.

The number of people gathered at the same time should be controlled below 50, and the main responsibility for epidemic prevention and control should be implemented in accordance with the principle of “who organizes, who is responsible, who organizes and who is responsible”, Report to the local village (community) and township (street) people’s Government (Office) for approval.

  4、 The broad masses should continue to enhance their awareness of protection, consciously cooperate with various prevention and control requirements, and develop good personal hygiene habits such as “wearing masks, washing hands frequently, regular ventilation, less gathering, one meter line and using public chopsticks”.

Pay attention to food hygiene in daily life, separate raw and cooked food materials, knives, chopping boards and containers, cook food thoroughly, do not eat raw and cold food, and avoid foodborne diseases and food safety incidents.

For their own and family health, do not buy overseas goods online.

For express packages and mail from medium and high-risk areas, wipe the outer package with alcohol for disinfection, remove the package outdoors as far as possible, and dispose of the waste outer package in time.

Pay close attention to the health status of yourself and your family and do a good job in daily health monitoring.

If you find yourself or your family have symptoms such as fever (≥ 37.3 ℃), cough and fatigue, please try to avoid contacting others.

After wearing personal protection such as masks, go to the county people’s Hospital for medical treatment at the first time and actively inform the doctor of recent activity track and contact history, Please avoid taking public transport on the way.

  5、 In the past 14 days, there were visiting (returning) weavers from cities (prefectures) without local case reports outside the province who advocated to take the initiative to conduct a nucleic acid test within 48 hours.

  6、 All migrant (returning) workers from the province need to conduct 14 days of self-health monitoring.

Once they have discomfort symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat and loss of smell, they should report to their village (community) at the first time, go to the county people’s hospital immediately, wear masks in the whole process, and avoid taking public transport.

  Seven, invite the masses of the masses to inoculate COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible and build an immune barrier.

  8、 Please pay close attention to the development and changes of the national epidemic situation, and those who find that there is a history of living in the city (prefecture) where the local new positive infected person is located should report to the village (community) in time.

  9、 The county’s railway stations, bus stations and other transportation connection points and various public transport means shall strictly implement measures such as ventilation and disinfection, temperature detection, health code inspection and wearing masks to ensure safe and orderly travel.

All shopping malls, supermarkets, farmers’ markets, wholesale markets, Internet cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, KTVs, scenic spots, large-scale activities and other densely populated places in the county should strengthen the control of access flow, and strictly implement measures such as admission temperature detection, wearing masks, checking “Health Code”, “one meter line”, attendance restriction and disinfection of public areas; All kinds of drug retail stores shall strictly implement the prevention and control measures such as wearing masks and temperature detection for personnel entering and leaving, and implement real name registration for those who buy anti fever and cough drugs.

  10、 Public transport must strictly implement measures such as daily killing, ventilation and drivers and passengers wearing masks.

Nursing homes, detention centers, detention centers, mental health medical institutions and other special places must strictly implement the relevant provisions on epidemic prevention and control.

All kinds of medical institutions at all levels must strictly implement the pre inspection, triage and first diagnosis responsibility system.

Medical institutions without standardized fever clinics are not allowed to treat fever patients.

  11、 Please take the initiative to pay attention to and publicize the official prevention and control information, do not believe or spread rumors, do not forward any gossip, consciously resist the release and dissemination of false information, and jointly maintain a good network environment during epidemic prevention and control.

Take the initiative to report and expose acts of fabricating and spreading rumors and disturbing public order.

Hotline: 0857-7621457 (County Public Security Bureau).

   Zhijin County Office to deal with New Coronavirus infection pneumonia Leading Group Office             August 9, 2021 source: image source network.

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