Novel coronavirus disaster c Luo! Two disadvantageous let him uncomfortable, the war with Barcelona became the key

Beijing time on November 1: according to the Italian media, Ronaldo has also been involved in the team’s recovery training.

Although in the upcoming Serie A League, Ronaldo may appear as a substitute.

But for Juventus, it can also be regarded as a centering agent for the whole team.

After all, in the absence of Ronaldo, the shortcomings of Juventus in the front field are also infinitely magnified.

Morata and dibala alone can’t drag this Juventus to a higher place.

The return of Ronaldo has also aroused the discussion of many media and fans, and until now, many media and experts believe that the infection of the novel coronavirus has had a great impact on Ronaldo.

Although it has not caused any harm to his health, the infection of the novel coronavirus has brought many disadvantages to Ronaldo.

Whether from the perspective of the team’s competition or the guidance of some public opinion, the novel coronavirus is not light.

The pressure of public opinion is more from some personal statements of C Luo.

You know, c Luo has been criticized by some media for violating relevant epidemic prevention regulations before.

Rome sports daily and other Italian local media have repeatedly sent several articles attacking Ronaldo.

Even Rome sports daily believes that Ronaldo’s infection with the novel coronavirus is entirely self seeking.

After all, Ronaldo once ignored relevant regulations at home and privately organized a party in April this year.

These behaviors were expressly prohibited at that time.

Not only that, c Luo complained on his personal media because the test results could not be transferred.

At that time, c Luo once said in the personal media that the test of the novel coronavirus was a joke.

After all, his body had no discomfort, but he still couldn’t turn negative, which was the reason why c Luo expressed his opinions on social media at that time.

However, this speech by Ronaldo has been criticized by many medical experts.

At that time, more than one relevant medical expert publicly attacked c Luo on social media.

He thinks that this is a lack of attention to the epidemic situation and a lack of respect for relevant medical workers.

Moreover, the media also exerted great pressure on Ronaldo at that time, and Ronaldo did not make any response after that.

After all, from an objective point of view, Ronaldo’s remarks were somewhat inappropriate.

After all, as a star with the most fans on personal social networking sites.

C Luo’s every move will be infinitely amplified by the media.

Although c Luo is dissatisfied with the relevant tests, he can complain privately.

If he says so publicly on social media, it will really cause him a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Not only is the direction of public opinion unfavorable to Ronaldo, but also because Ronaldo infected the novel coronavirus at the beginning of the season, which also made him miss a lot of games.

One of the most important is the first leg of the Champions League with Barcelona.

It can be said that in that game, without Ronaldo, Juventus played very badly in the front court.

Morata’s three goals offside can also reflect many problems, not only in strength, but also in the movement and personal standing of players.

If Ronaldo were placed in morata’s position, maybe Juventus would have scored a goal long ago.

Of course, there are not so many assumptions.

If Ronaldo wants to prove himself in the next game, he needs to stand up when he faces Barcelona again in the Champions League.

I hope Ronaldo and Juventus can bring us more good news in the next game…