Novel coronavirus pneumonia died due to novel coronavirus pneumonia.

Japanese media said that actor Shinichi Chiba died because of Shin Guan.

He has starred in many Chinese film and television dramas such as “the wind and cloud dominates the world”.

According to a number of Japanese media, such as Japan Kyodo news agency, Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) and Shanyang news, Japanese actor Shinichi Chiba died on the afternoon of 19 local time at the age of 82.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed by Sonny Chiba’s office, the report said.

He has appeared in many Chinese films and TV dramas, including “the storm dominates the world” and so on.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia reported that the Japanese news agency reported that screenshots NHK reported screenshots, according to sports Japan reported that Sonny Chiba died at 17:26 on 19 local time because of the novel coronavirus pneumonia in Chiba County, Tianjin city hospital.

His office announced the news later that day.

The report said that novel coronavirus pneumonia was admitted to hospital in August 8th and was continuously inhaled from August 8th, according to the firm.

According to previous media reports, Chiba was born in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan on January 23, 1939 and began his acting career in 1959.

He has participated in the martial arts film “Fengyun dominates the world” and the martial arts TV series “Fengyun” in Hong Kong, China, and guest starred in the gangster film “the winner is the king”.

Shinichi Chiba plays the hero in the world.

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