Novel coronavirus source and new discovery in the United States! The Deborah lab is just a cover. The virus may come from here

COVID-19 has now become the focus of attention of the international community.

99% of the world’s countries have not been able to avoid the unprecedented disaster brought by the epidemic.

Until now, many countries are still struggling with COVID-19.

Moreover, with the spread of the delta strain, many countries are suffering from second or third wave attacks.

Even though the United States tried every means to blame China for this crime, with one insider after another uncovered, the United States eventually lifted a stone and hit itself in the foot.

Previously, the media once thought that there was a direct link between the fort’s lab and the novel coronavirus virus, and believed that the laboratory was the real source of the novel coronavirus virus.

But recently, some media reported that the fort Detrick laboratory may be just a cover.

The United States also has a second hidden base for virus research, that is, the University of North Carolina in the United States.

The reason why the University was exposed and also known as the “virus base” is that there is Ralph Barrick, a professor who has specialized in virus research for 30 years.

In his paper published in 2008, Ralph Barrick recorded the whole new coronavirus from design, creation to resurrection, from the construction of spike protein to infection test, and reproduced the production and infection process of the new coronavirus in the laboratory.

In 2015, Ralph Barrick cooperated with Shi Zhengli of Wuhan virus Institute to study coronavirus.

It was also this year that an epidemic broke out in the United States.

However, as a researcher, Ralph Barrick, in order to avoid external criticism, abandon the spirit of scientific research, cater to American politicians and shift all the responsibility to China at the time of the outbreak of the epidemic.

But Ralph Barrick not only framed China, but also his own country.

Because Ralph Barik once issued a view that COVID-19 would not seriously hurt the white race of the United States, because the ACE2 distribution of different races is different.

This conclusion made the us start to expand and behoove COVID-19 to deal with other countries.

Therefore, the United States at the October 2019 military games, without scruple use of “live poison” way, let the whole world follow them to do “global epidemic exercise”, finally found that COVID-19 for the United States, for white people will also cause harm.

At the time of the outbreak of the epidemic, they also insisted that everyone should not wear masks and claimed that they could coexist with the epidemic.

But when the epidemic spread out of control, the United States found that Caucasians would also be infected and die because of the epidemic, but it was done.

This is why the United States is the country with the most serious epidemic, because it took it for granted that it was an immune population, so it acted willfully.

Now, however, the United States has harmed not only itself, but also the world.

Whether COVID-19 an antidote against the disease, keep from talking about the United States, and now the North Carolina University, which is now slowly unfolding the mystery, the most important thing is that the United States must publish the data of virus research, so that the World Health Organization can trace its source to the fastest time, and researchers in science and technology can prescribe the remedy as soon as possible.

It concerns the safety of people all over the world.

The United States owes the world justice and truth-.