Novel coronavirus vaccine to vaccine!!!

When the vaccine arrives, inform the hospital headquarters (Xindian health center) that the vaccine distribution is sufficient.

Residents who have not been vaccinated should seize the time to come for vaccination.

Please tell each other!!!   Number of vaccines:     2840 persons (manufacturer: China biological)   Vaccination object: people over 12 years old can be vaccinated with the first dose and the second dose (more than 22 days apart from the first dose).

  Vaccination time:      7:30-11:30 on Monday, Friday and Sunday; 14:30-17:00       17:00-21:30 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday      ( If there is any temporary change, it will be notified separately!)   Warm tips: 1: queue directly on site without making an appointment; 2: Carry the original ID card, prepare the pre registration code in advance (if you can’t do it, please help your family in advance), wear a mask and prepare the health code.

In hot weather, please bring your own drinking water to prevent heatstroke.

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