Official quick query! Novel coronavirus vaccination voucher query entry!

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                                                                                                                          Since April, after the novel coronavirus vaccine was launched in batches, all provinces and regions have launched the novel coronavirus vaccination.

At present, a large number of people have started vaccination, but many people don’t know where to query after vaccination.

Let’s see how to check their novel coronavirus vaccination with you.


Where is the novel coronavirus vaccination completed? I believe that because many people are vaccinated against the vaccine, and the way to get it is very simple.

All the places can be searched through the official account by searching the novel coronavirus vaccination sites, and you can also open WeChat, click me to pay the interface, find the medical health, apply for permission, and click permission.

Enter Tencent health to select vaccine, click “national novel coronavirus vaccine vaccination point information” and query immediately.

Enter your vaccination point and click query.

2, how to check the novel coronavirus vaccination situation, how to check their novel coronavirus vaccination is a lot of people have been vaccinated after the question, in fact, every province has access to inquiry, the most common is the official account of WeChat.

In addition, you can also query directly in wechat.

The specific operations are as follows: first, click my find payment column in wechat, then find the medical and health column in the payment column, after obtaining the location, directly click the vaccine column to enter the special field, and finally click the vaccination site map on this page to query.

3 Is there a certificate after the novel coronavirus vaccination? Generally speaking, there is a certificate after the vaccination.

At present, vaccination is carried out on a voluntary basis.

If physical conditions permit (under the age of 60, no major diseases, no fever, cold and other symptoms), I can go to the local health department for vaccination under the arrangement of my unit, because the vaccine needs to be vaccinated twice, with an interval of 15 days, no alcohol during the period, and the amount of vaccine is limited, Not all units can arrange vaccination…