Shuozhou novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control group office announcement

In order to accelerate the vaccination of COVID-19, we should do a good job in normalizing the epidemic prevention and control, and establish the national immunization barrier as soon as possible, so as to ensure the safety and health of the people.

According to the situation and requirements of epidemic prevention and control, our city will carry out joint inspections of health codes, itinerary codes and COVID-19 vaccination records in three key places in key places and public places of the city.

The following are the following announcements: first, from now on, all kinds of transportation stations, Gaestgiveriet Hotel, shopping malls, supermarkets, agricultural (set) trade markets, medical institutions, car park, public transport, etc.

Theaters, indoor closed entertainment places, tourist attractions (scenic spots), residential areas, party and government organs, enterprises and institutions, and other key fields, and people’s large flow of public places to implement health code, itinerary code and COVID-19 vaccination record “three yards” joint inspection.

All places should post “three yards” joint inspection notices at the entrance of the location, arrange for special personnel to be responsible for the “three yards” joint investigation, and check the health personnel, the trip code and the COVID-19 vaccination record (identification) for the persons entering.

The persons who have not been vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine can enter the information after registration, name, contact telephone number, residential address and other information.

Two, all kinds of places should be sent to the Territorial Communities (villages) by the list of unvaccinated COVID-19 vaccine collected daily.

After the community (Village) is aggregated, they will be reported to the sub district offices (towns and townships).

Grassroots cadres and grid members will be organized by the sub district offices (towns and townships) to understand the reasons for not vaccinated, and do a good job in propaganda, mobilization and organization of vaccination.

3、 The owners or managers of various industrial and trade enterprises and public service industry units shall bear the main responsibilities that employees should take over, and the competent departments of various industries shall include the units that fail to take over into the key supervision of epidemic prevention and control.

4、 Please actively cooperate with relevant management units to implement the “three code” joint inspection requirements when entering and leaving public places in the city.

If you need to issue COVID-19 vaccination taboo certificate, please carry your ID card and medical institutions related medical records, disease certificates, etc., and go to two or above medical institutions in our city.

Five, the conference and training organized by Party and government organs, enterprises and institutions at all levels, without vaccination contraindications, and not vaccinated by COVID-19 vaccine personnel shall not participate in principle.

6、 Residents of the whole city shall fulfill their civic responsibilities and take the initiative to vaccinate in accordance with the requirements of the law of the people’s Republic of China on the prevention and control of infectious diseases.

Take the initiative to report the vaccination situation to the community (Village).

Seven, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic caused by novel coronavirus vaccine (except contraindication) will be severely punished according to the law.

Vaccinated by COVID-19 vaccine is also a social responsibility of every citizen.

In order to avoid the inconvenience of travel and work caused by untimely vaccination, citizens who have not been vaccinated without contraindications are reminded to vaccinate as soon as possible, so as to jointly form an immune barrier in our city and ensure the life safety and health of you and others.

  The novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and Control Leading Group Office of Shuozhou city can be issued in August 21, 2021, with the taboo of the medical institutions 1, Shuozhou people’s Hospital 2, Pinglu District People’s hospital 3, Huairen people’s hospital 4, Huairen City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine 5, Shanyin County People’s hospital 6, Yingxian People’s Hospital 7, Youyu County People’s hospital 8, Youyu County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, special remind 1, The certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 has proved that it is necessary to carry out diagnostic certificates, clinic visits, medical records or inspection reports issued by hospitals above grade two within 3 months.

2, the establishment of COVID-19 vaccination contraindication proves that the registration fee is free.

If there is no relevant disease certificate, you need to register and carry out relevant examination at your own expense.


The general public who need to issue vaccination taboo certificates shall issue them to the designated medical institutions within the jurisdiction in accordance with the principle of localized management.

Source: Shuozhou city novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control group office editor: Ma Shijie..