The essence of COVID-19 is the Third World War.

Wen / Duan Hongbin   Since the outbreak of COVID-19, I have been paying close attention to the development trend of the epidemic and giving a series of judgments.

Up to now, all the judgments have been tested by facts.

Even those who stare at my report have to admit that Lao Duan is the most accurate in judging the general trend.

  In today’s article, I’m going to talk about the current situation and possible development trends in the future.

After reading my judgment, you will understand why we must adhere to the “clearing policy”, because this is a struggle between all mankind and the virus, a war we can’t afford to lose.

We have no other way out except to win.

  If you fail to understand the above, I will give you a simple analogy: COVID-19 is essentially the Third World War.

After the war, the world pattern must be re divided.

If you want to get more when dividing forces after the war, you must win more in this war.

  Why did the United States rise to be the strongest country in the world after World War II? The reason is very simple.

World War II almost beat the whole old world to pieces, and the United States is the only country without war.

It not only has no war, but also expands its industrial production capacity to the largest during the war.

  As a result, all countries had to turn to the United States for help in post-war reconstruction.

These countries are already in ruins.

If you want to redevelop the economy, you can only ask the United States for help, because other people’s production capacity is the first.

However, the United States quickly transferred the military industry to civilian use after the war and cultivated a large number of multinational companies.

These large companies are the backbone of the American economy.

  In order to do business with Americans conveniently, we have to admit that the US dollar is the world currency.

Its own currency has become the world’s hard currency, and the United States must be the boss.

Although the Soviet Union is also known as a superpower, the ruble he issued has always been denied by others.

So even if you build so many atomic bombs, so many tanks, artillery and nuclear submarines, as long as your ruble is not recognized by others, you can’t be on an equal footing with the United States.

  These reasons are almost obvious.

What does that inspire us? Very simple, I think that COVID-19 is the war against all mankind by the virus.

This is no exaggeration.

During the whole world War II, the United States only killed 380 thousand people.

Now COVID-19 is more than a year ago, and the United States has already killed 620 thousand people.

  In essence, China’s “zero clearing policy” is to try its best to avoid war at home.

Why did the United States, India, Britain, Germany and other countries infect so many people and die so many people? Because they couldn’t eliminate the virus at the first time, they fell into a local bitter war and dragged a small-scale war of annihilation into a large-scale war of consumption.

  They are very jealous of China, so they start their deception machine, constantly fooling us to learn to coexist with the virus.

Fortunately, the Chinese saw through their tricks at a glance and were not fooled at all.

  Their deception can’t stand scrutiny at all.

They say that the novel coronavirus is nothing more than large-scale influenza.

When the mortality is controlled at the same level as influenza, you can open the door to the country, because you’re not afraid of influenza.

Why are you afraid of the novel coronavirus?   The above is a typical lie.

Will the flu mutate every day like the novel coronavirus? The novel coronavirus mutated Delta in less than a year.

Why didn’t the flu mutate Delta? According to my previous “Gu raising theory”, the more people infected by the novel coronavirus, the faster the mutation will be.

Therefore, all kinds of messy mutations will appear next year.

It can be said that it is expected to mutate a stronger Gu King next year.

  You can understand this through the logic of video games.

Every time Xinguan kills someone, he will get a certain experience value.

If the experience value accumulates to a certain extent, he can upgrade.

After upgrading, he can unlock more new skills.

At this time, the virus will become more and more powerful and more difficult to deal with.

If you don’t let it infect more people, it is equivalent to preventing it from gaining more experience points (anti replenishment), and it can’t be upgraded, so it’s easy to eliminate.

And coexistence with COVID-19 is proper capitulation.

  Up to now, we should avoid both pessimistic failure theory and optimistic quick victory theory.

At the beginning of the war of resistance against Japan, Mao Zedong published the famous “on protracted war”, telling everyone that the theory of subjugation is wrong, and the theory of rapid victory is also wrong.

Anti Japanese must go through three stages: strategic defense, strategic stalemate and strategic counter offensive.

  According to Chairman Mao’s theory, our war with Xinguan was also in these three stages.

At the beginning of last year, we were in the stage of strategic defense, because Xinguan caught us unprepared and suffered heavy losses in the early stage, but we soon won victory under the resolute resistance of the broad masses of the people; At present, we are in a strategic stalemate.

The virus can’t help us, but we can’t help the virus; In the future, it will certainly develop to the stage of strategic counter offensive.

  In previous articles, I said that the only correct way to defeat the novel coronavirus is to strictly detect + isolate, that is, those done in Wuhan at the beginning of last year.

To put it bluntly, the virus is not allowed to get a little experience value.

Facts have proved that as long as we strictly follow our methods, we can win in just a few months.

  Stubborn and reluctant to admit mistakes or defeats, they dislike our methods.

They love to use their own methods, but they screwed up because COVID-19 is not convinced, but they are dead duck, and they do not admit it.

They are now fooling us.

  After reading my article, you will immediately realize that this is impossible, because the virus is still infecting, killing, gaining experience, upgrading and skill tree.

In other words, it is still developing in the direction of the great devil.

In this case, the so-called coexistence is to give heads to each other.

If it goes on, you will die, you know?   In my opinion, the reason why foreigners don’t care about the novel coronavirus is very simple, that is, not enough people died.

Enough people died last year, but they are the elderly in the nursing home, so their direct feelings are not deep.

But how do you know that the novel coronavirus will not upgrade new skills for young people?   This year’s delta virus especially likes to infect children.

A few days ago, I read this news, entitled “the number of children infected in the United States has increased by 80%, and the number of child deaths has soared!”, According to the news, nearly 72000 children and adolescents infected with COVID-19 in the United States in a week, which is 5 times the number of sick children at the end of June.

You see, if you still look at the novel coronavirus with the old ideas of last year, you are wrong.

People don’t know how many times stronger they have been this year.

As long as you have enough experience, people will give you some skills.

  If we look at the novel coronavirus war with the idea of World War II, the correct approach is that we must not allow the epidemic to spread to China and gain any experience value in China.

At the same time, we must try to expand industrial production capacity, because the world will be scorched earth in the future.

You think if China’s strict isolation method has to be adopted at that time, foreign production capacity will be directly reduced to zero.

At that time, the Chinese will have the right to price the goods.

We say that it is worth as much as it is worth.

In addition, the money is RMB, not US dollars.

This is what I call the stage of strategic counter offensive.

  I am quite optimistic about the future situation, but the premise is that we can’t make mistakes.

You just need to wait patiently for the novel coronavirus to rage in other countries.

At that time, they must have to turn to us.

After a few years, you will find how accurate Lao Duan’s original prediction is…