“The novel coronavirus officially returned to the US Senate”

Liu Chenghui, “Observer for Monday, (2), COVID-19 officially returned to the Senate.” The Capitol Hill newspaper wrote in its report that day.

US Republican Senator Lindsay Graham (LindseyGraham) revealed on twitter 2 local time that his COVID-19 test results were positive and would be isolated for ten days.

Earlier, Graham had been vaccinated with the novel coronavirus vaccine, which made him the first Senator known to be infected with the novel coronavirus in months, and the first senator who was still infected with the novel coronavirus after the vaccine.

Graham tweeted screenshot.

“I just learned from a congressional doctor that although my vaccine has been vaccinated, my COVID-19 test results are still positive.” Graham wrote on twitter, “I began to have flu like symptoms on Saturday night, so I went to see a doctor this morning.” He added in a subsequent tweet, “I feel my sinuses are infected.

At present, I have mild symptoms.

I will be isolated for ten days.

I’m glad I’ve been vaccinated, because if I hadn’t been vaccinated, I wouldn’t feel so good as now, and the symptoms would be much more serious.

” Greenham received the novel coronavirus vaccine as early as December last year.

Sources said that last weekend, Greenham and several other senators attended the yacht Party of Democratic Senator Joe Manchin.

Speaking about the matter on Monday, manqin’s spokesman said that manqin had finished the vaccine and followed the CDC’s epidemic prevention guidelines.

He also revealed later that day that the weekend party lasted for several hours and his subsequent COVID-19 test was negative.

There were no celebrations that day.

We just wanted everyone to get together.

What we did was for bipartisan cooperation.

That’s what we did.

” Manchin said.

According to the Associated Press (AP), more than a dozen people also attended the yacht party, including Democratic senators Chris Coons, Jack Rosen, Chris Coons and Republican Senator John Thune.

The spokesmen of Kuhn and toon have said that their novel coronavirus test results are negative.

After learning that Graham was infected with the novel coronavirus, White House press secretary pusaki sent his blessing of “early recovery” on the 2nd.

Pusaki also quoted “a series of data” at the press conference and stressed that the phenomenon of “breakthrough infection” is rare《 The Capitol Hill reported that Graham’s “breakthrough infection” was the first among senators.

At least 96 of the 100 senators have been vaccinated.

In recent months, the US Senate has largely relaxed the restrictions on social distance.

Although doctors in Congress suggested that masks should be worn regardless of vaccination, most Republicans did not wear masks, and even some Democrats took off masks when talking face to face with their colleagues.

Lindsay Graham video screenshot for a long time, Graham has been regarded by the outside world as Trump’s firm political ally.

He helped trump appoint Supreme Court justices many times during his four-year term.

In private, he also has a close relationship with trump.

Their long-term Golf friends are the best proof.

It is worth noting that Graham has repeatedly clamored for “claims to China” on COVID-19.

In the fox news program last April, Graham threatened that China should be responsible for “16000 American deaths and 17 million American unemployment”.

Just as Graham announced that he was infected with the novel coronavirus, the U.S.

Senate is discussing a $1 trillion infrastructure bill for several days.

Graham is one of the 17 Republicans who support the bill.

The Senate has 100 seats, and legislation usually needs at least 60 votes to pass, which means that even if every Democrat votes in favour, it still needs the votes of 10 Republican senators to pass the bill.

At present, other Republicans who voted for the plan say they are not at the yacht party.

Schumer, the Senate majority leader, said he did not think that Graham’s infection with the novel coronavirus would affect the passage of the bill“ I don’t think it will happen, and we’re trying not to let it happen.

” Schumer said.

Source: observer network..