The novel coronavirus vaccine is playing at the beginning of the school season!

    Since Xihu District started the vaccination of minors aged 12 to 17, Lingyin Street Community Health Service Center, under the unified deployment of the District Health Bureau, has carefully organized and improved the guarantee with Lingyin street and other departments, orderly promoted the vaccination of Xinguan, and accelerated the construction of “immune screen”.

Protect the health and life safety of junior and senior high school students.

   For the special and huge population of minors aged 12 to 17, the Lingyin center is reasonable and sufficient, with sufficient staff, and the temporary vaccination points are equipped with necessary equipment and facilities such as scanning guns and information registration desks.

The vaccination site is equipped with waiting area, registration area, vaccination area, observation area and other areas to achieve orderly, standardized and safe vaccination.

    Due to the relatively large number of steps for the registration of novel coronavirus vaccine for minors, it needs to be accompanied by parents or other guardians in the whole process, provide the ID card and vaccination certificate of the minors themselves and their guardians, and supplement the basic information of minors in the system.

Lingyin health center will set up a green channel for minors when there is a large flow of people, arrange staff with strong sense of responsibility, relevant qualifications, patience and no hurry, and make effective communication with parents.

For some special cases, such as minors who have worked, no vaccination certificate, no query information in the system, special windows shall be set to solve the problems in time.

Set special window injection     With the strong support of the street, Jiahua international business center was set as the temporary vaccination point of Xinguan vaccine in Lingyin street.

There was a spacious and comfortable waiting area with sun and rain protection.

The site was equipped with a water dispenser and a water cup.

Special secondary vaccination sessions were opened for the 15th middle school and Chen Jinglun sports school.

Students aged 12 to 17 who came to vaccinate, accompanied by their legal guardians, lined up, filled in forms, vaccinated and stayed for observation in turn, and the vaccination work was carried out in an orderly manner…