The story behind Shuhao’s novel coronavirus

An unfortunate news, Shuhao was also recruited.

As soon as the news came out, it was quickly pushed to the first hot search on microblog.

After confirming that he was recruited, he wrote on his personal microblog: the information contained in the long microblog is very clear, with roughly three points: 1.

He was found to have been recruited on the third day after flying to modu from San Francisco for isolation; 2.

It has been fully vaccinated in the United States, but it is still impossible to prevent it; 3.

At present, he is being treated in a hospital in mordu.

His symptoms are mild and usually he can recover within two weeks.

If not surprisingly, it should also be infected by the delta variant currently sweeping the world, and it is very likely that it was caught before departure or during the flight.

Delta is very evil.

According to dog’s daily scanning of all kinds of news, it also has three characteristics: 1.

It spreads very fast, comparable to chickenpox.

For example, Mao mouning, who wandered around the chess and card room, paralyzed the whole city of Yangzhou in just a few days.

In foreign countries, delta is burning wildly.

When the vaccination rate is more than half, Citigroup has added more than 100000 + for three consecutive days; 2.

The incubation period is very short, and symptoms usually appear within three days.

This is the reason why Lin Shuhao’s nucleic acid test was positive on the third day after he flew to Shanghai; 3.

There is immune escape.

To put it bluntly, even if you are vaccinated completely, you may be infected by delta variant.

At present, all vaccines in the world have the problem of reducing the effectiveness of delta variant.

Of course, vaccination is still necessary.

After all, vaccination can greatly reduce the severe rate and avoid the breakdown of medical resources.

No wonder after learning that he was infected, Lin Shuhao was once flustered and anxious.

This is human nature.

In particular, he was still successful in vaccination.

No one has a bottom in his mind.

But soon Shuhao calmed down and faced it with a positive and optimistic attitude.

On the one hand, the medical staff comforted him.

The medical staff told him that vaccination could ensure that his condition would not worsen and gave him a reassurance; On the other hand, Shuhao’s current China may be one of the countries with the most severe epidemic situation.

The discovery of omissions will be remedied immediately, which is the reason why there was no large-scale infection after the end of the epidemic last year.

Just as in Yangzhou, Zhangjiajie, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Changsha and other places, medical staff have been urgently mobilized again for large-scale nucleic acid testing.

Under the scorching sun, the medical staff worked tirelessly, moving.

Some villagers may want to ask, what is the purpose of Shuhao’s coming to China this time? The first is to continue to pursue dreams on the court.

It is said that due to the fierce epidemic situation, the CBA of Quanhua class, which originally decided to start the home and away games in the new season, may restart the competition system and release foreign aid on the premise of observing the epidemic prevention regulations.

Therefore, Shu Hao, who worked hard in the Development League last season and was determined to return to the NBA, came to see if he had a chance to continue playing.

Secondly, in order to fulfill his public welfare undertakings, villagers know that Lin Shuhao has always been a player with great social responsibility.

According to incomplete statistics, Shuhao has done these good deeds in the whole 2020-21 year: three distraction public welfare: together with the sponsor special step, it has donated 1.2 million cash and materials allocated by the enterprise; Lin Shuhao Li Qun Sports Public Welfare Foundation: invested 7 million to build more than 100 mountain basketball courts and provide basketball training opportunities for mountain schools.

Donate 1 million to Hubei youth development foundation for epidemic prevention in Xinguan; Served as the public welfare Ambassador of special step: participated in the donation of special step sports equipment (worth 5.5 million yuan); In addition, it also includes Pinghu scholarship, Phoenix Network and world dialogue – International Poverty Reduction forum and other projects.

The total amount of cash and materials donated has exceeded 14 million yuan.

In the United States, Jeremy Lin accumulated donations of cash and donation quotas also amounted to 12 million yuan (US $1 million 700 thousand), such as donations to the United Nations Children’s fund and donations to fight COVID-19.

Of course, not all the money was taken out by Shuhao from his own pocket, but in this year, he was indeed using his influence to contribute to eradicating poverty, reducing social injustice and even fighting the epidemic.

After Lin’s madness, Shuhao’s basketball career has always experienced ups and downs in one way or another, but he is still a person with three views.

This may be the reason why a large number of fans still appreciate him and like him after so many years.

Just as the soul chicken soup said: appreciating a person begins with appearance, respect for talent, character, kindness and finally character.

     Character is the most valuable quality of Shuhao.

At the beginning of the COVID-19, he was tweeting the politicians who tried to stigmatise the epidemic.

Lousy choice of word “COVID-19” and his influence on the league’s involvement in the investigation were made by the book.

Maybe Chinese people have such a habitual thinking that when they go out, they will bear it if they encounter anything.

It is this habitual thinking that virtually leads to the low status of Chinese and even Asian Americans.

At this level, Shuhao’s coming forward is actually to strive for status abroad for the majority of Chinese and even Asian Americans, and personally demonstrate the correct way of struggle.

From this point of view, does Shuhao deserve the four words of Chinese light? Of course.

This is why after learning that Shuhao was recruited, many netizens poured into the comment area to leave messages and wish him a speedy recovery.

This includes Zhai Xiaochuan, Zhao Jiwei, Lin Junjie and Wang Leehom, who are good friends both inside and outside the field.

Of course, for Shuhao, in addition to feeling warm, he was very calm, just as he wrote on his microblog: I must pay tribute to these great medical staff, who have done everything for my early recovery.

I am convinced that the treatment plan of Shanghai medical team can make me recover quickly and return to the stadium I love healthily.

The experience of this illness makes me cherish all the bits and pieces in my life.

No matter where I spend my future career, I will work harder and play happily for the people I love and love me.

When I saw the dangers and hardships experienced by these medical workers, I deeply felt how happy my career was! I will donate more money with our public welfare foundation to build up the world for COVID-19..