Vaccinate the novel coronavirus vaccine, please go to the regular vaccination point!!!

Recently, in some parts of our city, COVID-19 vaccine “mobile vaccination team” has been found outside the city, claiming that it can provide vaccination services to the relevant people in Dongguan.

Warm reminder that the “vaccination team” from outside the city is not officially recognized.

It is not in the regulatory scope of the city.

There is a huge risk of vaccination.

Please let the people who have COVID-19 vaccination need to make an appointment and go to the regular vaccination site in Dongguan.

What are the regular vaccination points in our city?   At present, our city has qualified vaccination sites for COVID-19 vaccination services, including 35 large temporary vaccination sites distributed in various town streets, 88 fixed vaccination sites located in hospitals and social security centers, and a few vaccination sites.

The above vaccination sites are composed of units with the qualification of medical institutions and vaccination units in our city.

However, the vaccination units and vaccination personnel of the “mobile vaccination team” are from outside the city and are not in the specified practice place, which is a violation.

Why should we vaccinate at the regular vaccination point in our city?   01 the vaccine is guaranteed in accordance with the “People’s Republic of China vaccine management act” and the relevant regulations of the state and the province.

In the whole process of COVID-19 vaccine transportation, storage and use, the city has strict guidelines on the safety, storage and transportation, vaccination, and tracing of vaccines, so as to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.

However, the “mobile vaccination team” from outside the city is not within the supervision scope of our city and cannot ensure the safe and effective use of the vaccine.

02 the staff are qualified.

The relevant personnel involved in vaccination in our city have relevant professional medical background and have obtained the “Dongguan COVID-19 vaccination training qualification certificate”.

Since the launch of COVID-19 vaccination, our city has organized 13 training courses on vaccination, and has trained over 15 thousand medical personnel with the qualification of novel coronavirus vaccination.

This has provided a strong guarantee for vaccination and medical treatment.

However, the “mobile vaccination team” from outside the city is only composed of a small number of medical personnel who are not in the city.

It is difficult to verify their identity, relevant qualifications are unknown, and it is difficult to provide reliable vaccination services.

03 all the COVID-19 vaccination sites in our city have registration, vaccination, observation, cold chain storage, abnormal reaction disposal and other related areas.

The site is equipped with first-aid equipment, medicine, medical personnel and ambulance to ensure timely and effective disposal in case of abnormal reaction.

However, the “mobile vaccination team” from outside the city only has vaccination personnel.

Once an emergency occurs, it cannot be handled in a timely and effective manner, and the consequences are unimaginable.

Our city has set up a working group for medical treatment of suspected vaccination abnormal reactions of Xinguan vaccine to comprehensively and scientifically coordinate the medical treatment and guarantee of adverse reaction cases after mass vaccination in the city.

Qualified regular vaccination sites and disease control departments can effectively follow up the suspected adverse reactions of the recipients and provide safety guarantee after vaccination.

However, the “mobile vaccination team” from outside the city can not guarantee the possible subsequent treatment of abnormal reactions of the recipients.

How to query the regular vaccination sites in our city?   The official account number of the following town streets (parks) issuing the relevant information of COVID-19 vaccine is approved by the COVID-19 vaccine in our city.

According to the local guidelines for the appointment of vaccination, after the registration of the village (neighborhood) committee or the online booking channel, the patient will be notified to go to the designated vaccination point.

Do not trust “mobile vaccination teams” from outside the city.

If the masses find similar “mobile vaccination teams” from outside the city, they can call the telephones of each town and street in the table below to report, or directly feed back to the duty telephone of the municipal CDC (0769-22625775).

Please provide specific address and other relevant information when reporting.

Source / Dongguan CDC, I knew you were watching!..