Vaccinated with COVID-19! Special reminder

At present, there are many good hygiene habits and vaccination in China, which are the most effective protection measures for individuals.

Please take the initiative to inoculate COVID-19 vaccine and contribute to the establishment of the nationwide epidemic prevention.

Give TA to your side.

Let’s have a vaccine together with Miao Miaomiao Miao Miao prevention and control tips.

When going to crowded places and contacting others, pay attention to maintaining a safe social distance, wear masks scientifically, wash hands and disinfect frequently.

Indoor windows are often opened for ventilation to maintain air circulation.

Children, pregnant women, the elderly and people with basic diseases should minimize travel during holidays.

Safety tips ‚óŹ electrical failure, timely replacement, everyone is looking at 100 million square meters! In the next five years, the old community in Chongqing will transform 66 parking lots and 30000 parking spaces, which will be arranged in the central urban area! They are the “superheroes” around us! Source: Chongqing release planning: Qian Weiwei design: Ni Wenjia editor: Qian Weiwei statement: in addition to the original content and special instructions, the text and pictures of the pushed manuscript come from the network and major mainstream media.

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