“Xiongba” died of infection with Xinguan

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, China’s news agency, has just died.

Japanese actor Sonny Chiba died.

He was 82 years old.

According to media reports, he had appeared in many Chinese films and TV dramas, including “the storm and the overcast”.

Sonny Chiba was also reported dead at 17:26 on 19 noon in Chiba, Shanyang.

His office announced the news later that day.

The report said that novel coronavirus pneumonia was admitted to hospital in August 8th and was continuously inhaled from August 8th, according to the firm.

According to previous media reports, Shinichi Chiba was born in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan on January 23, 1939 and began his acting career in 1959.

He has participated in the martial arts film “Fengyun dominates the world” and the martial arts TV series “Fengyun” in Hong Kong, China, and guest starred in the gangster film “the winner is the king”.

Shinichi Chiba plays the hero in the world.

It is reported that Chiba Shinichi, formerly known as Maeda Mizuho, was born in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan on January 23, 1939.

In 1959, Shinichi Chiba entered Dongying company and began his career as an actor.

Actors Shinda shinjianyou and zhenrongtian xiangdun are his sons.

In 1968, Shinichi Chiba won a certain popularity for his role in the TV series hunter; In 1978, he starred in the ancient costume martial arts drama “the plot of the Liusheng family”; In 1982, he participated in the love comedy “futa March”, which won eight awards such as the best film of the 6th Japan Film Academy Award; In 1990, he directed and participated in the drama “beautiful warriors”, which is the first work of director Shinichi Chiba; In 1998, he participated in the Hong Kong martial arts film “the wind and cloud dominates the world”, played the villain, and was nominated for the best actor of the 18th Hong Kong Film Awards; In 2000, guest starred in the gangster film “the winner is the king” starring Zheng Yijian, Chen Xiaochun, Li Zi and Shu Qi, and played the father-in-law of Chen Xiaochun; In 2002, Chiba Zhenyi, Zhao Wenzhuo, He Rundong, Jiang Qinqin and Tao Hong starred in the martial arts TV series “the wind and cloud” and continued to play the bully; Shinichi Chiba became the only actor who played a dominant role in both the film and TV versions of Fengyun.

In 2003, Shinichi Chiba participated in the thriller action film Kill Bill directed by Quentin Tarantino; In 2006, he directed and participated in the drama “father”, playing the hero and father “Murata Longdao”, which is the second and last director’s work of Chiba Zhenyi; In 2007, he participated in the NHK River drama Fenglin volcano.

On July 16, Shinichi Chiba held a press conference in Tokyo and announced his withdrawal from the art energy industry.

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